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Stephanie Miller

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  • VP Aprimo Inc.
  • 304 Park Ave South
  • New York New York
  • 10025 USA

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  • NSA Surveillance Prompts Web Users To Protect Privacy by Wendy Davis (Online Media Daily on 08/14/2013)

    Interesting findings, and good summary, Wendy. We all must educate consumers and non-marketers about the value of responsible data driven marketing - which has NOTHING to do with NSA and other government surveillance programs. The behavior cited here is a good example of the misinformation that exists among both consumers and policy makers about targeted marketing adds value to our digital lifestyles. Consumers like choice, and having relevant advertising shown to them - and they demonstrate it every day through programs like Ad Options ( We also created a policy-speak translator (a link is on our DMA Advance blog) that helps marketers understand that what we think is cool, policy makers (and some consumers) sometimes think is creepy. Thanks! Stephanie Miller VP, DMA @stephanieSAM

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