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Brett Wilson

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  • Why You Need To Care About Video Viewability in Video Insider on 02/10/2014

    Did someone actually see my ad? That's a simple question, but as many marketers are discovering in display, the answer is often complicated. If the industry does not act soon, video may suffer the same fate.

  • If 2008 Was 'Youtube Election,' What Is This? Answer Might Surprise You in Video Insider on 10/31/2012

    In 1964, the first political attack ad -- the infamous "Daisy" spot against Barry Goldwater -- only ran on a handful of broadcast television stations, and only for one day, but the effects were felt throughout the entire campaign. Gone are the days when political advertising was that simple.Every Presidential election since has seen big leaps in marketing tactics with each cycle, whether it was the first, issue-oriented websites that launched in 1996, or Barack Obama's domination of earned media in 2008 that was helped along by a steady stream of content on YouTube, email blasts and text messages.

  • Don't Buy The Negative Hype About Video Ad Exchanges in Video Insider on 09/16/2011

    Over half of the top 100 publishers in the comScore Video Metrix are available for real-time media buying, representing over 29% of biddable pre-roll volume.

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