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Anne Frisbie

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  • Assessing Buy Side's Role In App-Ads.txt, Sellers.json Adoption in Digital News Daily on 05/01/2019

    Without app-ads.txt in place, nefarious players can masquerade as legitimate apps and take ad budgets earmarked for honest publishers. Publishers and SSPs will be quick to adopt standards if failure means losing money.

  • Why You're Doing Mobile Video Wrong in Digital News Daily on 06/09/2017

    According to eMarketer, U.S. adults spend almost two hours a day using video-related apps on their smartphones. Given this, why is it taking so long for advertisers to get mobile video right? Most digital video viewing already happens on mobile devices, yet video ad tech was built for desktops, despite the vastly different experiences across these platforms. In 2017, U.S. adults will spend 1.5x more media time on connected devices compared to desktops.

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