Daily Online Examiner Editions for October 2015
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, Oct. 30, 2015
Facebook Revises 'Real Name' Policy
Broadband Providers Increase Network Investment, Despite Net Neutrality Rules
Wanted -- No, Needed: Digital Philosophers
Google Seeks To Delay Email Privacy Battle
'NYT' Exploring Ad Blocking Defenses
Digital Video Fraud, Viewability And The $50 Rolex
Uber Surge Pricing May Not Mean Customer Surge
'NYT' Public Editor Highlights Conflict of Interest
'The Sun' Drops Paywall
Study Says Consumers Share Data With Trusted Brands
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, Oct. 29, 2015
Campaign Against Backpage A 'Major Threat To Free Expression,' EFF Argues
Report: T-Mobile Planning To 'Zero-Rate' Netflix And HBO Now
Google Apologizes For Kansas City Fiber Outage
Trustworthy Accountability Group Unveils Anti-Fraud Program
Australian Court Says Google Liable For Displaying Links To Defamatory Posts
M&S Hit By Customer Data Glitch
Political Views Linked To Consumer Purchase Behavior
Time Warner Cable Reports Lower TV, Video Revs
Smart Car Learns Habits of Consumer Driver
Email Encryption Struggles Globally
Martin Sorrell Says Ad Blockers Have Not Had A Significant Impact On Ad Business
The Measly 'Mea Culpas' Of Mobile Marketers
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2015
People Allowed To Tinker With Tablets And Smart TVs, Copyright Office Says
Germany May Prevent Facebook And Google From Transferring Data To U.S.
BBC Should Stop Publishing Text Content, Says UK Culture Secretary
Gawker Media Expects To Lose Hogan Case
Presidential Race, As Measured By YouTube
Apple Hit With Class-Action Over Wi-Fi Assist
Fitness Tracker Security Questioned
UPS Spam Emails in Circulation
Will Facebook Rob Traffic From Websites?
IBM Wants Weather Company's Digital Assets
Netflix Users Are Engaged, Watch 10 Shows A Week
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015
Sheriff's Crusade Against Backpage Called 'Grave Threat' To Rights
BuzzFeed Protests SXSW Decision To Nix Gaming Panels Over Threats
Facebook Defeats Privacy Lawsuit Over User Tracking
YouTube Red: Are You Buying This?
Israel Law Center Sues Facebook
European Parliament Approves Net Neutrality Rules, But Creates Loopholes
MRC Issues Ad Fraud Rules
The Guardian Exposes Email Addresses of Beta Mobile Users
YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki Calls For More Women In Tech
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, Oct. 26, 2015
Broadband Providers Face Fraud Probe By NY Attorney General
AT&T Gives Extra Data To Smartphone Users Who Interact With Brands
Venezuela Sues U.S. Web Site for Publishing (Real) Exchange Rate
Consumers Drop Video Privacy Case Against Hulu
Wikipedia Loses Lawsuit Against NSA
For Advertisers,The Race To The Bottom Has No Winners
Yahoo Delivers High Streaming Viewers For First NFL Game
Sensor Data Being Tapped Ahead of Driverless Cars
Smart Tea Kettle Hacked to Highlight Security
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, Oct. 23, 2015
Roca Labs Suffers Defeats In Battle Over 'Gag Clauses'
Court Revives Suit Against Yahoo For Sending Unwanted Texts
Pintrips Prevails In Fight With Pinterest Over Name
Bot Fraud Seizes One-Third Of Publisher Revenues
Cyber Security Bill Advances, Despite Tech Industry Opposition
Majority of Alabama Lawmakers Use Personal Email For Work
Ad Fraud Best Practice Guidelines Published
YouTube's Friendly (But Firm) Arm-Twisting
Google Launches Grants For EU News Publishers
To Stop The Ad-Blockers, Forget About The Ads
Excessive Social Media Use Linked To Mental Health Issues In Kids (Again)
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, Oct. 22, 2015
Yelp Backs FTC In Fight Against 'Gag Clauses'
Gawker Employees Ordered To Turn Over Computers, Smartphones To Hulk Hogan
San Francisco, Philadelphia, Other Cities Slam Backpage, Want Teens' Lawsuit Revived
Pandora Reaches $90 Million Settlement With RIAA
Indiana Ballot Selfie Law Struck Down
Facebook Gives Users Wider Search Access
Airports Increase Use of Beacons for Travelers
Security Seen As Paramount for IoT
Why Car Hacking Is Nearly Impossible
Is Advertising's Dirty Secret Out Of The Bag?
The Bandwidth Economy
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015
Twitter CEO Stirs Hope For Politwoops' Return
Amazon's Search Results Don't Infringe Trademark, Court Says
Blocking The Blockers -- No More Mr Nice Guy
Google Obscures Geographic Reporting Data
File Your Trademarks Or Let Your Competitors Drive Up Your CPCs
Hillary Clinton Backs Net Neutrality
Florida Sheriff Posts Mugshot Of 9-Year-Old Boy
Wikileaks Publishes CIA Director's Hacked Emails
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2015
Digital Fingerprinting Poses 'Real Danger' To Internet, Watchdog Tells FTC
Yahoo Says California Privacy Law Is Unconstitutional
Irish Privacy Regulator To Decide Whether Facebook Can Send Data To U.S.
Many Mobile Users Don't Use Location Services
Cyber Attacks Cost Companies $15M in 2015
ANA Awards 'Transparency' Project, Begins With Confidential Interviews
Could Google Be Driving Into The Insurance Business?
Netflix For Stolen Movies Comes To Web Browsers
Free Encryption Service Clears Hurdle
Fake Reviews, Web Sites, Phone Numbers
Can Google Survive In A Search-Free Mobile World?
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, Oct. 19, 2015
Amazon Sues Hundreds Of Freelancers For Selling Fake Reviews
BBB's National Advertising Division 'Deeply Troubled' By Consumer Reviews
Hundreds Of Apps Violates Apple Privacy Policy, Collect Users' Personal Information
The Pot Calling The Kettle Blocked
Flipboard Enhances Ad Targeting
Tech Industry Protests Proposed Cybersecurity Law
Why Is Facebook Preparing For State-Sponsored Attacks?!
TV Everywhere Key To Attracting Millennials
Why Moments Is Bad For Publishers
AT&T, Uber To Video-Stream Football In Cars
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