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Wednesday, September 11, 2019
  • Amazon Sues Over Email Scams

    Amazon has filed a lawsuit against dozens of affiliate marketers for allegedly generating fraudulent traffic by falsely promising consumers Amazon gift cards. Read the whole story

  • DiscoverOrg Rebrands As ZoomInfo, Offers New B2B Data Platform

    One new feature, resulting from the recent NeverBounce acquisition, is email validation, the company says. Read the whole story

  • NBConsult To Offer TDS Data Transformation Services

    The partnership will provide NBConsult clients with an "email archive migration pathway," the CEO says. Read the whole story

  • Sports Directory Lists 6,486 Email Addresses

    From Dublin, scene of intense GDPR enforcement activity, comes news that the Sports Market Place 2019 Edition, including 6,486 email addresses, is now available. Read the whole story

  • Marketers Share Their Stories Of September 11, 2001

    Eighteen years later, marketers share their own stories of horror, disbelief, sadness, and even luck. Read the whole story