Marketing Daily
Wednesday, September 26, 2012
  • Hitachi Shows Off Its Social Innovation

    The digital banner ads showcase four industries where Hitachi has staked out a leadership role: automotive, IT, medical, and power. Along with simple, line-drawn … Read the whole story

  • Study: Cost Still Major Barrier To Going Green

    New research from GfK Roper's Green Gauge shows that consumers' willingness to pay more for greener products is definitely declining. Part of that change … Read the whole story

  • Restaurant Beverage Consumption Rising

    Seven out of 10 consumers (71%) now purchase beverages away from home twice a week or more often, up from 66% in 2010, according … Read the whole story

  • Chase Tops In Customer Satisfaction

    Chase received the highest overall customer satisfaction rating in the study, with 59% of Chase Bank customers giving the bank a "satisfied" to "extremely … Read the whole story

  • Goodbye, Supercenters: Retail Will Get Focused, Adaptable

    A new report from PwC US and Kantar Retail, "Retailing 2020," which uses data and analyses from PwC's retail and consumer practice and Kantar … Read the whole story

  • Deloitte Predicts A Moderately Merry Season

    "When we looked at the last few years, we saw we had been somewhat pessimistic," Alison Paul, vice chairman, Deloitte LLP, tells "Marketing Daily." … Read the whole story

  • How The Millennial Man Redefines Fashion Advertising

    Realizing that men are becoming more fashion-conscious, brands must change the way they reach and engage men through marketing strategies. The Millennial male is … Read the whole story