Marketing Daily
Tuesday, May 27, 2014
  • Annapolis Amplifies Impact Through Partnerships

    That's the thinking behind a notable new partnership initiative spearheaded by the Annapolis & Anne Arundel County Conference and Visitors Bureau, which promotes leisure … Read the whole story

  • Americans Ready For A Vacation

    Travel marketers take note: Americans are tired of worrying about the recession and are ready for a vacation, according to Mintel. Over the next … Read the whole story

  • Philadelphia Serves Up 'Phillyosophy' For Campaign

    Meryl Levitz, president/CEO of Visit Philadelphia, tells "Marketing Daily" that the new campaign was, in part, consequent upon a raft of market research showing … Read the whole story

  • Kitchens Make Vacations Better

    "We've always known time-share owners love having kitchens and separate living spaces, but that [evidence] has always been anecdotal," said Peter Roth, vice president … Read the whole story

  • User-Generated Campaigns Feed Mass. Love

    Whether it's the effect of going barefoot on Cape Cod for seven days in a row or just taking a day-cation to Tanglewood, "we … Read the whole story

  • When Is An Ad An Ad? Only Time Will Tell

    Even as the industry expresses shock at advertiser-supported publications selling advertising space to advertisers, magazines and newspapers are tripping over one another to actually, … Read the whole story

  • 5 Successful Campaigns To Remember

    Are you ready to get noticed in 2014? Your next marketing campaign can help your organization get the attention it deserves. Read the whole story