Marketing Daily
Tuesday, February 20, 2018
  • KeVita Launches First Big Campaign Since PepsiCo Acquisition

    The campaign kicked off with a series of five, 30-second videos of real brand fans engaging in their passions and telling their inspirational stories. Read the whole story

  • Toy Predictions: Expect More 'Unboxing,' Nostalgia, Pet Play

    We are likely to see more toys and games aimed at getting kids involved in old-fashioned imaginative play, with role-play and dress-up kits meant … Read the whole story

  • Millennials Are Obsessed With Pets

    Thirty-five percent of pets are owned by Millennials, who have a projected income of $3.39 trillion this year. Three-fourths of Americans in their 30s … Read the whole story

  • Auto Owners Still Love 3-Year-Old Cars

    "Vehicle dependability is, without question, at its best level ever. For people looking for a new or used model, now is a good time … Read the whole story

  • Portillo's Debuts 'Get Obsessed' Regional Campaign

    "Get Obsessed" features actual social media posts from brand fans as well as restaurant staff reciting and reacting to social media musings. Read the whole story

  • New York-Presbyterian Unveils New Ads During Olympics

    Reflecting the cultural diversity of the New York City area, the spots go a step further, featuring two patients telling their stories in their … Read the whole story

  • Why Smart Marketers Need Not Fear The Crumbling Cookie

    Consumers are already allocating their media time in ways that render Apple's and Google's recent moves relatively insignificant for savvy advertisers. Read the whole story