Monday, May 21, 2007
  • LIN TV Explores Possible Sale, Stations In Top 50

    The local station business continues to be transformed by the possibility of height-of-the-market valuations. The LIN TV 29-station group just became the second in … Read the whole story

  • Clear Channel Accepts Revised Buyout Bid

    Clear Channel Communications' board of directors has accepted the revised version of a buyout offer from Thomas H. Lee Partners and Bain Capital worth … Read the whole story

  • Send Me Your Pitches: HDNet's Cuban Wants Original Ideas

    Contrarian HDNet chief Mark Cuban says he's tired of the copycat MO that has infused the TV business, in which an "American Idol" or … Read the whole story

  • Spymac Site Pays Users For Most-Watched Videos

    A 5-month-old user-generated site has a unique but obvious approach to paying for user-generated content: Give the most watched the most money. Spymac Networks--grown … Read the whole story

  • Sweeps: Fox Should Keep 18-49 Crown, NBC Drops

    Facing the finish line, both ABC and CBS mixed it up on the last Thursday night of the May sweeps--with ABC coming out on … Read the whole story

  • Mendelsohn Lets Clients Tailor Surveys To Affluent

    Mendelsohn Marketing and Research, which studies affluent Americans, their lifestyles and media consumption, is giving clients an added bonus. It will allow them to … Read the whole story