MediaPost Weekend Editions for June 2014
MediaPost Weekend - Sunday, June 29, 2014
Off The Aereo, Service Suspended
Social Nets Blatantly Stoking The Fires Of Insecurity
Does TV Still Need 'Hits'?
World Cup Scores Big Results For ESPN
10 Better Excuses Than 'I Fell Asleep'
Digital Advertising Alliance Unveils Mobile Privacy App
Study: Brand Likes Up 30% On Facebook
Advertising Is A Story -- But A Story That Needs To Sell A Product
Will Aereo Decision Put Brakes On Industry Innovation?
Upfront 2014-15 Price Increases Less For Broadcast Networks
NBC Ups Upfront Rates, CW Inks Lower Gains
Untangling The Many Definitions of Ad 'Transparency'
Told You So. Told You So. Nyah Nyah Nyah.
For Cannes Holding Company Of The Year, Size Counts
RTB For Dumpers: Why Are Brands 'Burning' End-Of-Quarter Budgets?
A Little Girl Takes On TV Violence - 43 Years Ago On 'Bewitched'!
U.S. Ad Spend Hits $35B In Q1
From The Land of Ice And Fire... And Sand And The Gutter Bar
Marketers Capitalize On Futbol Fever
Programmatic TV: Bringing Sexy Back, Ad Dollars, Too
MediaPost Weekend - Saturday, June 21, 2014
Yo! Here's What I'll Be Doing This Weekend
ABC Believed To Nab 5% Rise In Upfront Prices
Media Buyers Push Smaller Upfront Rate Hikes, NBC Ups Volume
Unilever, Coca-Cola, WPP & BBDO Top Effie Global Rankings
Unilever's Weed To Agencies, Suppliers: Work 110% For Our Brands, Not Your Specialty
Sorrell Slams Cannes, Warns About Native 'Transparency'
Hegarty, Droga Pile On Native, Call Big Data 'Bullshit'
I Am The Context
Sorrell: What Is Twitter?
Portland Vs. Detroit Vs. The Rest Of The Advertising World
Ad Industry Urges Web Standards Group To Abandon Do-Not-Track Effort
2014 World Cup Ad Views On YouTube Surpass U.S. Football
Pros And Cons Of A Fuel-Efficient Brain
You Will Actually Know Less After Reading This, Hopefully
Growing Streaming Video Impacts TV Trends
Reel-Time In Cannes: Saatchi Makes Delegates 'Feel'
Facebook's Sandberg: We Won't Put Ads In Messaging, Oculus Is A Bet On The Future
World Cup Sponsorship: Priceless?
TAB Unveils Spot Ratings For Digital Billboards
Is Cannes Important?
Missing Ingredient In Agency-Client Relationships: Trust
Dem. Lawmakers Take Aim At Online Fast Lanes
OMG Wins 16 Media Lions, Most Of Any Media Agency Holding Company
FX's 'Louie' Ends A Controversial Season On A Stunningly Intimate Note
A No-Bollocks Approach To Facebook Marketing
Big Brands Losing 'Responsible Consumption' Sales
Speed Of Creativity Making Marketers Lose Sleep
Global Ad Revs Expected To Hit $516B In 2014
MediaPost Weekend - Saturday, June 14, 2014
Media Buyers Push Smaller Upfront Rate Hikes, NBC Ups Volume
The RTB 500: What It Is, Why We Created It, How You Should Use It
Pivotal Research Sharply Upgrades 2014 U.S. Ad Growth Forecast
Hyman Roth, Eat Your Heart Out
How Barbara Walters Pumped Up 'The Tonight Show'
Univision In Talks For Possible Sale
Will BuzzFeed Inform The Next Generation?
Online Ad Revenue Up 19% In Q1 To $11.6B
Fox Deal With Rentrak Said To Presage New Battle With Nielsen
Native, Programmatic Lead Ad Industry Growth, But Not Without Challenges
Nothing Says 'Don't Smoke' Like 'Truth' On Wheels
Why Is Marketing Tech Like Listening To Miles Davis, Metallica And Phish?
Jacki Kelley Named COO At Bloomberg Media
Easier Said Than Done: Creating A Single Set Of Cross-Platform Metrics
TV Isn't Like RTB -- But That Doesn't Mean It Isn't Evolving
One Way You Know Your Sponsored Content's Being Laughed At
Digital Radio Consolidation: WideOrbit Acquires Abacast
Ray Volpe's IPG Suit Tossed-Again
Apple Moves To Stop Location-Tracking By Mobile Analytics Companies
U.S. TV Soccer Ad Dollars Continue To Rise
New Chrysler Campaign Says 'We Built This'
MediaPost Weekend - Sunday, June 8, 2014
Food For Thought: How Nestle Turned Sustenance Into Media, Made The Meal The Message
Procter's Programmatic Gamble
Comcast Inks Deal With Rubicon To Automate Sales
TV Upfront Ad Market Stirs: Networks Making Deals At Modest Price Gains
Some Networks, GroupM Move To C7 Ratings
The Crusades Lasted 200 Years. I'm Just Getting Started
A Show-Stopping Sexual Assault On FX's 'Louie'
Omnicom's Annalect Unveils New Verification Program
When More Data Is Too Much Data
The Five Stages Of Grief: How Marketers Deal With New Digital Ecosystem
Extra: Headless Statue Found In Golden Toilet
U.S. Ad Market Forecast To Spike 6.2% In 2014
TV Isn't Like RTB -- But That Doesn't Mean It Isn't Evolving
'Gay Ad Network' Goes Programmatic, Launches Private Exchange
The Best People In The World To Sell To, And The Best Thing To Sell To Them
Pinterest Lets Businesses Promote Pins
The Power Of Words
Google Announces Premium Video Ad Marketplace For Programmatic
Google Penalizing Brands When Smartphone Clicks Don't Deliver The Goods
New Chrysler Campaign Says 'We Built This'
Mobile Spam Lawsuit Against Path Moves Forward
Companies Slow To Embrace Mobile Analytics
Necessity Is The Mother Of New TV Ratings, Seeks To Shed Light On Dark Continent
MediaPost Weekend - Sunday, June 1, 2014
Simplicity Eats Complexity For Lunch
When Is An Ad An Ad? Only Time Will Tell
U.S. Ad Market Forecast To Spike 6.2% In 2014
Episode 707: Waterloo: One Small Step For A (Mad) Man, One Soft Shoe (Or Sock) For Bert Cooper
AMC's Magnificent 'Mad Men' Does 1969 Right - So Far
POG A 'Shattered Dream,' Levy Says
Omnicom, Twitter Sign $230M Multi-Year Agreement
DirecTV On Taking Programmatic In-House: 'Data Is A Currency'
NYC To Collect Tax On Times Square Billboard Ads
With Beats Deal, Apple To Share Brand Spotlight
Nielsen To Expand Local TV Market Samples
Mag Bag: Conde Nast Circulates Native Ad Guidelines
Will The End Of Pilot Season Also Mean The Demise Of Upfront Ad Selling?
Meeker Report Spotlights Mobile Growth
I'm Just Not That Into You: The Truth About Altruism
Updated: ARF Continues Board Expansion: Adds comScore's Abraham, mcgarrybowen's Cooke