Sociology Of Gatekeepers
    We've super-sized a generation by feeding them at FFHR's (Fast Food Hamburger Restaurants). We've told them that what they are eating is called a hamburger. So should we be surprised if they do not recognize ground sirloin on a sourdough bun as the same food-stuff? Or if they do recognize the genus (hamburger), should we be surprised that their tastes have evolved (or devolved) to a point where they will show a marked preference for MickyD's over a classic "21 Burger?"
    Brands And Product Placement Are Unavoidable
    We've all seen product placement and product integration into entertainment. It dates back to the Texaco Star Theatre, and was updated by "Castaway" (with Tom Hanks) and "American Idol" (which apparently stars Coca-Cola and some kids who can sing). In today's culture, we expect products to be center stage almost as much as the stars themselves, but is this working--and we should we care that brands are hijacking our entertainment in this way?
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