• Do TV Buyers Stay Away Because of the 80/20 Rule?
    In measuring the reach of interactive, does the 80/20 rule really apply to our medium more than we care to admit?
  • There's More to Marketing Than Cattle Prods and Car Batteries
    I know how you all keep your figures on the gently undulating pulse of media and marketing. And I know that as members of that rare band of acolytes who regularly bleed themselves on the cutting edge of technology, you know of the latest developments in the online advertising industry.
  • Think Outside the Sweet Spot
    One of online advertising's attributes that we all know and love is its targetability. We love being able to minimize waste and reach the people most likely to be interested in our product.
  • I Submit to the Blogs
    All right Jason, I give in. Blogs are actually pretty cool.
  • Tuna, Peanuts, Hamburgers and Dancing Babies
    Do you think we'll have creative and media icons like those of our beloved traditional world?
  • Who is Responsible for Online Rule Making?
    Well of course, we are. Every one of us who buys, sells, or otherwise works on the Web makes these rules every day.
  • The Blog Breaks Big
    I'm not sure if any of you have been reading about it - though during this time of year in a political season, things of this nature are hard to miss - but it looks like the blog has become a front-page topic for being the news behind news.
  • Sales-People - Read This!
    About once a year I write an article that recaps my opinions and suggestions for how sales people can better interact with agencies. Every time I write on this topic, it becomes the most heavily responded-to topic on the message boards (obviously there are a bunch of sales people reading this column and who like to express their opinions).
  • Leveraging Behavioral Predictors Online
    My old silverware went for $2 to an elderly gentleman who haggled me down from my original price. A neighbor purchased my old Netgear router and a bunch of other obsolete networking junk for $18. The yard sale as a means to get rid of one's old junk is still a more tried-and-true method than eBay in my Long Island neighborhood.
  • Hype or Reality?
    Greetings. By the time you read this I'll be out with the gang speaking at Internet Advertising World. For those of you who aren't at the conference (gasp) or ran back to check your e-mail, thanks.
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