• It's All About Brand Protection and Privacy - Again
    This time it's in Search, not in online profiling or the merging of online and offline data via a "common" cookie.
  • Educating the Boss' Boss
    For many years, one of the biggest obstacles to online advertising adoption by general market advertisers has been enough education. Is this because as an industry we simply haven't done a good job at this? Do we fail our clients, or our potential clients, by not sharing with them knowledge and information that demonstrates the power of the Internet as an advertising vehicle? Are we going about extolling the virtues of webvertising in all the wrong ways?
  • Standards and Best Practices for Online Video
    Last week I wrote about some ideas and initiatives that I felt our industry needs to take in order to integrate video into the mix in a way that will make it effective for advertisers while not overloading the consumer. I received some great feedback and decided that this week we would start to discuss some of the important standards and best practices in order to get the process moving along.
  • Please, Do Believability Check
    Let's face it, spurious claims are a big part of advertising and have been for a while. While there's a sucker born every minute, I can't help but think that the buying public is so inundated with questionable advertising that we're just adding to the cynicism out there. It's almost impossible to build a brand if the consumer can't trust that brand. Cynicism is one of the reasons why we need to check all of our communications, especially online communications, for believability.
  • What's Loyalty Worth?
    As a digital media person, I'm constantly repeating my mantra, "It's not about traffic; it's about qualified traffic." Though it is a core belief of mine, (and many others) it has evolved. It's not only about qualified traffic. It's about loyalty.
  • Political Marketing and Consumerism in Our Balkanized Web Democracy
    Great piece by my esteemed colleague Jim Meskauskas yesterday, on the benefit that the interactive marketing industry can derive from decisions like the one made by CBS recently, to reject certain kinds of advertising. There are many ways that the Web has become the most egalitarian and at once diverse media of all, of course. And reading his piece certainly brought that point home to me.
  • Moveon.org's Movin' On
    Last week, CBS decided that they would not accept liberal political action non-profit organization Moveon.org's :30 spot on its network. Now, I don't want to get into a tirade about free speech, politics, or the business of broadcast networks and the ideological inertia so many of them suffer from. What I would like to point out is what this means for the Internet ad business.
  • Will Video Take Over?
    We're witnessing video once again launch itself forward and take the place of another established form of media, specifically within online advertising.
  • Marketing Innovation Sorely Needed in Video Games
    A lot has been written lately about the disappearing 18 to 34 year-old men. One medium that seems to be soaking up young people is video games. People are spending tons of time with both PC and console-based games and very few marketers are taking advantage of this fact.
  • Are You Ready for Some Football?
    Each year I have a bunch of people over to watch the game. To my surprise, most of the room runs to the kitchen during the bulk of the commercials. I'm left virtually alone, (with the exception of a few ad-biz friends) telling them to hush up because I'm watching the ads. If you are reading this I'm probably not alone.
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