• Everyone Has One
    Greetings from the "Duh" factor. Can we have a moment for mobile phones? Many of us don't think about them too much. Well rest assured, I'm not here to talk about either.
  • On Media Withdrawal
    I spent the better part of last week on a small island in the middle of a lake in Maine. No electricity, no running water, no phone service (cellular or landline) and no contact with the outside world. It took a half hour by boat to reach anything remotely resembling civilization. Under a clear night sky, stargazing unimpeded by lights or air pollution, I thought deeply about what Jeff Einstein has been talking about for several months - media addiction.
  • The Demise of Network Television?
    Every few months it's fun to make a prediction and try to anticipate the direction of the advertising industry, so this week I decided to take another stab and see if I could stir the waters up a bit. This time I'm guesstimating five years for the demise of network television and the reign of cable and interactive as the two dominant forms of media.
  • Justice Department Spam Crackdown Was Just a Matter of Time
    My only question is what took them so long. The long-embattled U.S. Department of Justice, which is populated by some of the best lawyers and people I have ever had a chance to know, has been promoted as more vigilant and activist by Attorney General John Ashcroft. Much has been made of his prosecution of many civil rights, for Americans and others, with the Patriot Act in his pocket especially. So, the august body he heads has kind of needed something that would position it more favorably in the public eye.
  • Rich Media Jabberwocky
    In the go-go dotcom days, the less something made sense, the more successful it was supposed to be. But after Ooqa ooqa and Shoshkele fell by the wayside, why are rich media companies following their footsteps?
  • World Live Web
    You've launched a new product and the Internet buzz is starting to circulate. Thousands of people are discussing the new product and you want to see what they're talking about, so you visit your favorite search engine to locate the Web pages on which these conversations are taking place. But you find nothing. You even try Google News to see if any new reviews are debuting, but Google isn't picking up everything that's being written.
  • Seeking 18- to 34-Year-Old Males
    While I certainly don't claim to be an expert on 18- to 34-year-old men, I have raised an eyebrow to them lately. A while back I wrote about this on the Spin board. At that time, Nielsen came out with some revealing little ditties on the most coveted 18- to 34-year-old male market. In a nutshell, these guys get bored easily; think 30 seconds is a heck of a long time; and like porn, MP3s and music downloads, games, and sports.
  • The Ramifications of Late Creative
    Last week I spent some time with a number of sales people and one of the issues that came up was the topic of late creative and the costs that are associated with late creative being delivered to the publishers.
  • On Blogocracy and Its Significance
    Did you know that there was such a thing as Blogocracy?
  • The Worm in the Apple
    This week RealNetworks announced they were going to start selling digital music files for 49 cents each, nearly half what Napster and iTunes currently sell for. This means consumers can now buy an album of digital music (does it make sense to use the word 'album' any more?) for about $5.
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