• Wireless Musings
    At E3 a couple of weeks ago one of the amazing data points was that South Korea is 67% wireless! What are they all doing with these wireless computers? It seems like they are playing MMOGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Games). South Korea is the biggest market for this phenomenon.
  • Agency Compensation Revisited
    The issue of compensation, particularly for those agencies providing interactive media services, is an important one. The resolution will determine what level of service and be provided, what kind of fiscal viability the agency will have, and what level of commitment a client has to the use of the media (do they see it as a marketing tool of strategic value or a commodity?).
  • Searching For The Truth in S.E.M.
    As everyone knows by now, Search Engine Marketing works. Search continues to be one of the primary elements for any marketer, brand development or direct response, as it drives both awareness and acquisition. None of this comes as a surprise to anyone who is involved in online advertising, but what may come as a surprise is the amount of work that goes into making these programs effective.
  • Shaping Your User's Experience
    Hey Earthlink. I've got a product I'd like to sell you. It's called the "HTTP Blocker" and it will give your users the flexibility to use your service without encountering any of the annoyances of the web. Pop-ups, interstitials, rich media ads - It won't matter. My new product effectively caps off port 80, so that none of these things can get through and annoy your users. Then they'll be able to hang out on IRC, bitching to one another about how commercial interests have ruined the web for everyone.
  • 'Tis the Season: Upfront and what it Means to Online
    As those of you who work at or near big full-service media shops, this week the television upfront began. And boy, what an upfront it is shaping up to be.
  • Online Reach and Frequency: What We Need Done Now
    Over the past two years, my major project vis a vis industry standards has been standardization of Online Reach and Frequency tools. For more background on this, see my string of articles on MSN Advantage or, if your company is a member of the ARF, get a copy of the circulation draft of the ARF Online RF White Paper.
  • The Power of Making It Easy
    For an example of how two types of companies can look at a market completely differently, look no further than the ad sales divisions of paid search players as they compare to other top sites trying to sell Internet advertising.
  • Weighting Accountability In Advertising
    Advertising futurists have consistently pointed to increasing accountability in campaigns. The growth of online advertising and its deepened levels of accountability have foreshadowed this impending change for more than a few years now, as has the growth of direct mail and (unfortunately) telemarketing. Now that more advertisers are starting to ask to see tangible results of their advertising, we are also beginning to see the evolution of some of the other more traditional forms of advertising into a hybrid accountability that did not previously exist.
  • A Fish without Water
    Whoa, I just came back from some of the upfronts and I'm beat. What an experience. For those of you who weren't there or don't go, I figured I'd give you a (cynical) peek inside the tent.
  • Old Dogs, Old Tricks: Consumer Packaged Goods Clients Online
    The nut we online media and marketing types have been trying to crack for a good number of years now is how to get general marketing advertisers to spend more money on online media.
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