• What's Bad About Being Accountable?
    What is the downside to Accountability?
  • Why Resist Consumer Dialogue?
    I just finished reading a sample chapter from AdAge editor Scott Donaton's book, Madison & Vine. Donaton makes some good points in this chapter about product placement and product integration, including citing some examples of what can go wrong when Hollywood and Madison Avenue collide.
  • Changing Media Consumption
    As most you know, I'm on the Executive Committee of an organization called the Boston Interactive Media Association. I'd like to give you a peek inside the event. In a word - clutter, clutter, and more clutter.
  • Why Isn't Pharma All Over Search?
    Yesterday, I drove up Route 1 and attended the Direct Marketing Association's Pharmaceutical Marketing Conference in Princeton. I couldn't believe what was missing from the proceedings. Search.
  • Marketing is Dead... Long live marketing to the masses
    There's been some grumbling and mumblings in the last few weeks about major market advertisers looking at taking a new approach to their communications strategies. Proctor & Gamble has put their entire advertising efforts under review. At last week's AdWatch: Outlook 2004, major marketers like Pepsi and Wal-Mart said they are looking at new ways to market their wares through new branding innovations that may include non-traditional media vehicles. And McDonald's chief marketing officer, Larry Light, actually went so far as to declare "the end of brand positioning as we know it."
  • More Planning Elements to Consider
    One of the responses to my article last week dealt with the subject of Persuasion, and I thought this would be a great topic to discuss this week. Persuasion is an element that I have long thought could be a planning consideration, but does tend to be overlooked.
  • When a Web-Based Email Account Isn't Just a Web-Based Email Account
    I'd sure like to meet the person who came up with the marketing strategy for Gmail. I'd like to shake that person's hand.
  • Better, Bigger, Faster?
    Nowadays, typical online advertising just isn't good enough for most. The industry craves creative units that are better, bigger and faster. Our creative is constantly chastised by our broadcast friends at large.
  • Whether it's Search or Rich Media - It's Still The Users, Stupid
    If you're like me, you occasionally have trouble explaining what we do to those outside of our industry who ask. One of the things I usually attempt to explain is how media that they're familiar with works. If they grasp why advertising costs more on certain television programs, and what the differences are between advertising and direct marketing, then I can talk about the benefits of interactive, and why it's so cool.
  • Ratings, ratings everywhere... How much do they stink?
    If you pay attention to the press covering advertising, you probably know about the latest brouhaha over Nielsen's attempts at switching over to their People Meters into Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. The people meters are meant to be a more accurate means of measuring audience than the diary system that has been in place since 1950.
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