• Fail Fast Or Fail Smart?
    In the world of startups, everything is about failing fast. It's a price of entry, a badge of honor -- even a cultural imperative, inspired by the whole Lean Startup movement.
  • The Four Most Overused Statements Uttered By B2B Marketers
    I have been a B2B marketer and a B2C marketer. I currently focus my efforts on the B2B space, but my innate cynicism sometimes emerges as I hear my colleagues at other companies utter statements to make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Maybe it's the media planner in me. Maybe it's just the deep-seated New Yorker in me. Either way, I thought it would be enjoyable to poke a little fun at ourselves. To that end, here are some of the most overused, chuckle-producing statements you're used to hearing:
  • Do Super Bowl Ad Previews On YouTube Spoil The Bang?
    The Super Bowl is one of the few television events where people are more likely to tune in to the ads as entertainment, versus ignoring or skipping the ads. It's a water cooler on steroids.
  • Flu Media
    Last week I had the flu -- the particularly bad strain sweeping the nation this year. I hadn't been sick in a while, so when I first got a little cough I thought nothing of it. However, by the next day I was feverish and lethargic.
  • Big Data Could Produce McCity Dystopia
    Have you gotten excited about Big Data yet? Retailers have. Business Insider says "Big Data Can Mean Big Returns In Retail." In the run-up to the holidays, Forbes explained "Why Big Data Is All Retailers Want For Christmas." The compulsion to know ever more about customer behavior is irresistible, entirely logical and of great value to retailers. But what is beneficial at the micro level can be detrimental at the macro level.
  • How Digital Display Can Become Your #1 Marketing Tactic
    Today is the day digital display becomes the centerpiece for all your marketing efforts, including offline ventures like TV, radio and print buying. How much money do you spend on audience research to better understand who your audience is, whether it's focus groups or in-market research? What if that money could be spent for real-time research while also reaching your target with actual messaging?
  • What Brand Marketers Need To Know About Facebook Graph Search
    Last week Facebook announced a new beta product called "Graph Search," which CEO Mark Zuckerberg positioned as a "pillar" alongside Timeline and News Feed. This was a carefully orchestrated announcement with lots of hype and subsequent punditry. While the announcement focused primarily on features for users, one unanswered question is: What does Facebook Graph Search mean for consumer brand marketers, whom Facebook is working hard to court?
  • I Don't Care What Conference You Just Attended
    For 10 years I worked on the partner side of the marketing business, both as an agency executive at MEC and then as the co-founder of Pictela, an ad tech firm. Now, as the CEO of an enterprise technology company, I'm a pure marketer -- and it turns out that this side of the business is very different. Here's why:
  • Ten Internet Haikus
    The Spin in which Kaila doesn't rhyme, but chimes in with some sharp observations about the online world.
  • Reinventing The Test
    I just got back from CES, which is alive and kicking and appears to have reinvented itself with much aplomb. Along the same lines of IBM transforming itself from a hardware and mainframe company into one that fully embraces software, services and a robust digital ecosystem, CES has taken significant steps to move beyond the Panasonic, Sharp, Sony, Samsung boys club of television sets. I mean, how much thinner can they get without rivaling Christian Bale in "The Machinist"?
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