• Agencies Deserve Better from Cisco
    It was too good to pass up, even though all the warning signals blared “Stay away!” Cisco’s upcoming $200 million branding campaign was the sort of bait that DarkGrey couldn’t resist.
  • Tea For Two: Faux-Convergence
    Last week an interesting bit of data was out on the wires. A new survey suggested that a growing number of Internet users are both watching television and surfing the Web at the same time.
  • Exit Strategy: Stage Left
    If there’s one thing I don’t think I’ll ever miss about the last few years, it’s the way hot shots used to talk about their “exit strategies.” There seems to be very little nobility in an “exit strategy.” It’s a kind of short hand for “I’ve got mine, and I’m high-tailing it outta here before they find out they’ve been suckered.” Well, the exit strategy has left the building.
  • Defining An Industry
    In last week’s responses on the Spin Board to my article concerning GRPs, there were a number of great points made and there is one that I would like to discuss here. One of the respondents stressed that a GRP online needs to be defined the same as a standard GRP, not as an eGRP. I could not agree more with this statement.
  • When Will the Mainstream Media Adopt Sequential Liability?
    I received a form letter last week from Time Inc. The purpose of the letter was to “remind” us of a “long-standing” policy of theirs regarding sequential liability. They don’t honor it. Instead they apply what they call “the joint and several liability of advertiser and agency for payment of invoices for advertising published in our Magazines and place on our websites.” Interesting on many levels.
  • Made up Statistics
    It’s time for my annual made-up-statistics column, bringing together the best guesses of some of my compatriots, all in an effort to answer the question: “What if research studies weren’t all sponsored by sales departments?”
  • I Am Not An Animal, I Am A Human Being!
    Boy, this pop-up/pop-under thing has gotten out of hand. Not only have there been more articles on the subject in OnlineSpin than there are articles on ClickZ about email, but the passions of those reading them have run high.
  • Anyone Hear About GRPs Lately?
    A few weeks ago, the hot debate issue was the GRPs and their role in online advertising. Unfortunately, this discussion got off track due to pop-ups. I am here to try and divert the subject back.
  • Can You Take One More Column On Pop-Ups?
    “They work.” That’s the response you’ll get from most online DR folks when you ask them to justify the onslaught of pop-up ads out there on the web. By that logic, I can use a bazooka to take out the housefly buzzing around my living room. Sure it works, but I can find plenty of other ways to get the job done without causing so much collateral damage.
  • Caution: This issue of Online Spin is NOT about Pop-ups (or, Selling From A Client Perspective)
    It seems lately that everyone (including yours truly) has been having a great time venting his or her opinions about pop-ups. But really folks, there are other issues to deal with. One is the state of sales presentations. For those of you in sales, please take this constructively from a wizened media pro who has seen more presentations than…
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