• Content Will Drive Mobile Marketing's Success
    As everyone rushes to find out how to get their content on mobile devices, marketers are scrambling to try and find a way to get advertising integrated--but are we sure this is going to be accepted by the consumer?
  • A New-Business Pitfall to Avoid
    The longer you've been with an agency, the more intuitive the new-business process becomes with respect to identifying the good leads and the bad ones. There's one such abyss that seems to be coming up a lot more frequently--one I like to call the NECOC, the Non-Exclusive, Commission-Only Client.
  • Cyber Monday, Anyone?
    The convenience of search engines, comparison shopping, free shipping and click and buy is far better than freezing my butt off in line at a brick and mortar department store in the middle of the night. So what do you think? Will Cyber Monday sales increase this year over last?
  • Prime Time Becomes "My Time"
    You know I've been spending a lot of my time over the last few weeks focusing on the shift towards consumer-centric media delivery and all the news around the major networks starting to make their content available on video-on-demand systems. With the inclusion of NBC and CBS on the bandwagon, this is a very exciting period in media.
  • The Old Excuses Are Wearing Thin
    Let's face facts. People who don't want to be bothered by annoying advertising formats don't have to be. Whether it's pop-up blockers or DVRs that skip commercials, we've got plenty of ways to get around advertising intrusions into our daily lives.
  • Almost Black Friday
    I think it is safe to say that most of us are gearing up to finish work so we can spend time with our loved ones this week. For anyone representing retailers this is a HUGE week. It's almost Black Friday, folks. In true tradition, I thought I'd give you the outlook on it this year.
  • Consider The Source, Part 2
    Did you see the news this week that a group of major Internet companies announced a plan to form a coalition dedicated to weeding out advertisers who drop spyware on user hard drives? I'm writing about the plan because neither Microsoft nor Google is part of it.
  • Who Are The Real Pirates?
    We hear the content industry and rights holders complaining about piracy everyday: file sharing, physical piracy, theft-of-services, derivative works, etc. But has anyone stopped to think about how many times consumers are asked to pay for the same content?
  • The Future of Television
    What we're seeing happen with the networks and the cable stations allowing their content to be made available online, is the natural evolution of television, not the death of TV. TV is not going to go away, it simply is allowing itself to morph and take advantage of technology to further engage the consumer.
  • Buzz Marketing Makes No Sense
    If there's something more to this notion of "buzz marketing" that what I've already heard, someone needs to spell it out for me. It sounds to me like a recipe for disaster.
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