• Which Media Did You Use Prior to Your Getaway?
    If you're reading this Friday morning or midday, chances are that you probably have some more work to do and you're kind of procrastinating on this, the mother of all getaway days, as you think about your weekend plans.
  • The 'Me' Daily
    The first few days of my week have been spent on the bucolic, humid, mosquito-infested shoreline of the Chesapeake Bay. It is the Spring iMedia Buyer's Summit, where the "crème de la crème" of the online media planning and publishing business meet and discuss the latest activities and trends in the online media and marketing space.
  • The Chicken Or The Egg?
    Recently, I re-stumbled upon one of the age-old questions in advertising that I have yet to see anyone solve. The question of which comes first - the media or the creative?
  • Keeping Tabs on Clearance Issues
    Many moons ago, I wrote a column on how online DR advertisers need to balance negotiation for performance based ad deals and going rates in the marketplace, in order to ensure that a CPC or CPA deal will actually clear. It is possible to negotiate a performance based deal that will encounter clearance issues because of other ad contracts a publisher might have in place that pay the publisher more handsomely.
  • Measuring Industry Success One 'S' at a Time
    While several of you are most likely on the West Coast for Ad:Tech, some of us have remained on the East Coast. Speaking of which, I was happy to see Mark's Spin on Friday in regards to the success of the 212 networking party in New York. After reading it, I felt the need to chime in.
  • When 212 Means Sustainable
    A few years ago, I would join any number of you dear readers at elaborate, loud, boisterous parties that were a hallmark of the Internet boom that became the Internet bubble. I remember one particular party that accompanied a Streaming Media show in San Jose, maybe in 1999. Such was its over-the-top budget, that it made me think I was in Mandalay Bay's Rum Jungle, in Las Vegas. The hosts must have spent $100,000 on it. Can you imagine that?
  • This Content You Like Is Brought to You By...
    Over the last couple of years, the online advertising space has been a hotbed of creative development. It seems as though every few weeks there is another "rich media" format that is being touted as the new and improved method for garnering a user's attention and soliciting them for greater attention and engagement.
  • What Exactly Is Behavioral Targeting?
    Behavioral Targeting is a buzzword, and one that is getting lots of airplay recently, but who really understands what behavioral targeting is and why is it such a novel idea?
  • You Can't Squeeze Google Juice from a Stone
    Over the years, marketers have used scores of techniques to inflate their relevance to predetermined search terms in search engine databases. According to C|Net, last week a B2B marketer got caught, causing it to be delisted from Google and Yahoo! databases altogether.
  • Danger: Falling Clicks
    One of the hardest questions I get asked is, "How do you know when we've saturated our target audience?" Coupled with that, it seems as if there is always a surplus of impressions out there to be had. Media folks (like me) get wide-eyed when our client's spends are increased. Is it a challenge to "own" and audience? Or, is the challenge obtaining an accurate saturation reading from the dusty old crystal ball?
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