• Give Me Value or Perish!
    The "if only advertisers spent a fraction of what they spend for a :30 TV spot online" argument simply isn't convincing enough. This argument is missing the real point. The real point is DEMONSTRATE VALUE.
  • The Death of the Trade Show
    There will always be trade shows. People will always find an excuse to fly to San Francisco to dine on expense accounts and stroll along a warehouse floor. Pitchmen will yearn to make silly tradeshow premiums, sponsor contests and hire vacuous-yet-beautiful booth personnel. It’s just that these stopped being useful some years ago.
  • Pitting Consumers Against Marketers
    Tom’s always hearing a lot of talk about how our industry needs standards in order to be able to attract investments from traditional marketers and advertisers. But he has yet to hear anyone mention or propose standards for engaging the consumer online. Shouldn’t we first decide on the accepted rules of engagement?
  • Who OWNS The Impression?
    Starting last summer, as folks were seeking relief in temperature controlled movie theaters and soaking in cooling waters, the first signs started to go up that indicated it might not be safe to go into the water. A creature had found its way into our lakes and lagoons, canals and community swimming pools. It was called Gator...
  • Cheap Foreign Media: It Ain’t Just the Exchange Rate
    Our online media markets aren’t very efficient, and those inefficiencies give media buyers some great opportunities - like the foreign media buy opportunity.
  • The Negative Effects of Online Ads
    With all of the consumer backlash we hear about certain intrusive forms of online advertising – spam, excessive pop-ups, pop-unders and scumware-generated ads – I’m surprised that we don’t see more studies on the negative effects of intrusive online advertising. Tom asks, "How long will it be before we realize that the use of certain tactics can be damaging to a brand? How long before we respect that notion and avoid paying money to negatively predispose people to our products and services?"
  • Foxes and Henhouses
    Nary a sound was heard, nor mention made, nor ink spilled earlier this week when a surprising relationship was announced that could fundamentally change the way online media is planned, placed, bought and sold.
  • The Real Gator Threat
    Last week’s column on Gator stirred up so much response that I called up the company’s VP of Marketing, Scott Eagle, and threw all the pointy questions at him. At the end of the ordeal – and it was a long one – I came away with two thoughts.
  • Stop the Clutter!
    Why don’t we pay as much attention to clutter in online media? We all know it’s a variable in determining the ultimate success of our ad campaigns, regardless of whether those campaigns are branding or direct response oriented
  • Meskauskadamus
    Last week Jim gave us 4 axioms for the future, including #3 as... Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.
    Spam and pop-unders are everywhere we turn, and they have their place in the medium. The problem now is that they are having EVERY place in the medium, and that just isn't making for happy netizens.

    To which Nicholas Wilde added "If Shelley were talking about the extreme of a chaotic system, then there must exist the opposite to the example. And that is what rational, creative individuals need to strive for - the proverbial 'diamond in ...

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