Gator - Good or Evil?
    Tig's last Spin questioning why Europeans were beating the US at marketing brought on these responses. Charles Pinkerton said "The European approach is driven by a natural skepticsm of advertising. The Europeans require proof that advertising is going to sell something before they invest. Americans tend to take advertising on "faith", it has worked for decades why not now?" While Douglas Crichton says "I am an ex-New York Media guy, currently based in Europe and I just don't see that there is really that much more thought put into efforts over here."
    Why Aren’t Brand Advertisers Cultivating Relationships?
    I’m actually quite surprised that more brand advertisers are not using the Internet in the capacity of a relationship-marketing tool. So, what do you think? Do you agree that every brand should employ interactive media in some way? Let us know at the Spin Board.
    Ready, Set, Go!
    A week ago Jim shared the 4 most important things he learned last year (in case a pie truck were to hit him), to which abenson added "Mmmmm, Pie." And, Christy Prosapio shared "I loved it! Since when is intimacy and genuine passion sappy? Not to me and not to those responding. Happy New Year to all!!"
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