• Time and Tide Wait for No Man…
    … but advertisers should. Since the early days of monitoring traffic on the web, one of the metrics that metering services provided for sites and agencies was session length.
  • When a Sin Product Makes for a Sinful Marketer
    Man, I love advertising. As a liberal arts graduate, there isn't another field I could have possibly chosen that would present more ethical and moral dilemmas. This is an industry that tests our very souls.
  • Super Targeting
    Syndicated research from companies like MRI, Simmons and Intelliquest can tell us all sorts of things about a given target audience. But something usually gets lost in the translation between the language spoken by the planner and that of the buyer. Lost, that is, unless you’re talking about advertising online.
  • The Beginning Of A Renaissance
    Advertising is witnessing the beginning of a renaissance! As the economy starts to right itself and advertisers look towards ways to expand their customer-bases, advertising will benefit from an increased examination on how we can effectively reach an audience.
  • What’s Intrusive: Epilogue
    one last go-round on the matter of intrusiveness in advertising and then it will be time to move off this topic. The subject has, however, instigated a great deal of discussion. It is obvious that there are a great diversity of opinions about (a) whether good advertising actually is or needs to be intrusive and (b) just what constitutes intrusiveness.
  • Signs Of Recovery
    I'm starting to see some signs of recovery in the online ad sector. The first indicator is widespread use of "home page takeovers."
  • What’s Intrusive? Part II: Trespassing Allowed
    Last week Jim asked, “what is intrusive advertising?” In his column, he tried to answer that question by suggesting that ALL advertising is essentially intrusive, and continues to feel that way to an audience until they get used to it. Needless to say, from the feedback he's received and the posts found on the SpinBoard, there are an awful lot of opinions out there as to what constitutes intrusive advertising.
  • Illegal Acts: Pumping Stocks
    If you work in the ad industry long enough, it’ll happen to you. A client will ask you to do something you know is wrong. It might be an explicit request; it might be implicit. But whether you have to read between the lines or not, your agency may share in the liability if you accede to the request.
  • If I Were President Of The IAB...
    Those that have been following my column for the past few years know that I’m fond of following the goings-on over at the Interactive Advertising Bureau, and interjecting a comment or two when they release guidelines or anything else that might affect our industry. You might say that I’ve been particularly vocal when the IAB releases something that doesn’t appear to make sense to me. Recently, at a gathering of industry professionals, someone called me on it.
  • Enron-like Conflicts in Advertising
    While everyone is collectively gasping in shock at the alleged self-dealing done at Enron, we should take a look at some of the conflicts of interest alive and well in the ad industry.
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