• Ad Network Resurgence
    After several years of an ad network landscape dominated largely by Ad.com, 24/7 Real Media and ValueClick and vertical plays like Jumpstart Automotive Media and the Travel Ad Network, we have scores of new ad networks on the scene. Why? Here are some of the reasons.
  • Predictions for Web 3.0 (More 2007 Thinking)
    Welcome to the beginning of Web 3.0--now defined as the "Semantic Web." It's got a long way to go, but it basically refers to the ability to layer technology on top of the existing Web that makes it even easier to guide the user through information and aggregate disparate sources together for ease of use.
  • Product Placement 2.0: Church And State Revisited
    I would recommend that anybody in the video advertising or production world watch last week's "Studio 60." Interlaced with the show's plot was a debate between the president of NBS (the fictional NBC) and the producer of "Studio 60" (the fictional "Saturday Night Live") regarding product placement. The great part about the setting for the debate was the layers: the real show's writers having characters, who are writers and producers themselves, discussing the issues of product placement and possible solutions. All the while, there were all sorts of "the right kind" of product placements during the show.
  • Cyber Monday: Myth Or Reality?
    As we all roll back into work today, let's not forget it's Cyber Monday--supposedly one of the biggest shopping days of the year online. But is this hype by marketers?
  • I'm A Dad Now!
    I'm passionate about digital media, marketing and disruption, but I can't think about any of that stuff right now. As I write this column early Thanksgiving day, I'm thankful for one very special reason: I became a dad Tuesday morning of this week, Nov. 21 at 12:31 a.m.!
  • Giving Digital Thanks This Season
    Since you're probably half in the office and half out today, at least mentally, I thought I'd take this episode of the Spin to share with each of you what I am most thankful for this year, at least from an online perspective.
  • The Agency's Role In New Media, Part 2
    Since last week we discussed the substantial impact of advertising technologies on agencies' roles, let's take a step back this week and look at what role agencies should play in shaping these technologies today.
  • Click And Fly
    Well, it's Thanksgiving week, officially the busiest time of year to travel. Sure, peak travel time brings significant frustration. However, the thought of home-cooked turkey and all the fixings are on just about everyone's mind.
  • Hey, Web 2.0 Fans: Social Networks Weren't Born Yesterday!
    With all the hype around YouTube, MySpace Facebook and other social-networking Web sites, I thought it would be sobering to go back in time and pay tribute to a once-thriving social-networking platform. Amazingly, it's over 100 years old and it's called amateur radio, or "ham radio." It should be crowned the grandfather of today's online social networks, and, yes, I'm serious!
  • Google: The Future OS Of Advertising?
    This has been a big week for writing about the growing dominance of Google in the media and advertising world. In The New York Times this past Sunday, Richard Siklos chronicled the "mate or menace" dilemma that working with Google presents for most media companies. The article quotes CEO Eric Schmidt as saying, "Ultimately, our goal at Google is to have the strongest advertising network and all of the world's information." Does this mean that Google has aspirations that media companies should fear?
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