• Do We Need Another...
    It often seems like there's zero correlation between how much a technological innovation matters and how much press it receives. Take Cuil, for example. The search engine's launch was such a spectacular flameout that it may well go down as a verb. "What happened to that Eddie Murphy movie that was supposed to win him an Oscar?" "It came and went -- it got totally Cuiled."
  • The Golden Rule: Salespeople Are People, Too
    It can be really easy to criticize salespeople in our industry, but they can also be too easy of a target. Not enough responsibility is placed on the agency side of our business for the relationship equation that attempts to foster a productive working environment. Last week I wrote about customer service and I placed much of my focus on salespeople, but this week I feel like discussing the other side of the equation.
  • Social Media's New Headline: Web Changes World
    Virtual activities in social media have the potential to drive real-world actions. The problem with too many Web 2.0 companies is that their only purpose is to impact people's virtual experience.
  • School's Out; Shopping's In
    It seems all you read or hear about is high gas prices, looming fuel prices, talks of a potential recession. Well it sure as heck didn't look like that when I was driving up to brick-and-mortar shops to do some back-to-school shopping. Finding a parking space that isn't a mile-long schlep is a task in itself.
  • What Are The Chances?
    What are the chances you end up marrying your college sweetheart, who also happens to share your same birth date? Slim, but it happened to me. What are the chances of having a daughter -- who also shares your birth date? That's crazy, but it just happened to me!
  • Kiss Your Registered Users Goodbye
    If a user registers on your site but does so through a third party, can you count her as one of your registered users? This isn't a theoretical question. Publishers will have to ask this, and many related questions, as this era of openness and portability creates new challenges for digital media.
  • Sales With a Smile, Customer Service, And My Honeymoon
    Many people practice "sales with a smile" but very few people practice true, effective customer service. "Sales with a smile" is best defined as the occasions when you smile and respond to inquiries with specific, detailed information. Customer service represents going beyond the response to a question and offering supplementary information that may be of interest to your client or customer and may represent an opportunity for cross-sell or up-sell for you.
  • Will People Give Meaning To Marketing?
    Every industry expert has beaten to death this decade's marketing catchphrase, "The consumer is in control." Teens, tweens and digitally savvy adults have made it abundantly clear that they will not be marketed to in the traditional manner. The question marketers now wait to have answered is: What are people going to do with their newfound control? What must marketers do to stay relevant in the world of consumer control?
  • Talking Agency Smack And The Seeds Of Real-Deal Change
    Some mornings it's clear I've woken up in the bullpen of Cosmopolitan magazine, facing a cabinet of recyclable cutlines. Acerbic zingers flood the file: Why Agencies Are Utterly Clueless. Proof That Agencies Don't Know How Clueless They Are. Top 10 Reasons You Should Fire Your Agency Yesterday. Why the Agency Model is Cracked. What About an Agency That's Not Really an Agency?
  • Employee Brands Must Be Part Of Your Search Marketing Strategy
    It's simple: Employees steward personal brands that drive intrigue among customers and other external stakeholders. These employees include senior management, client project leaders, engineers, sales managers and customer service reps, among many others. So it's no wonder employee names become frequent and critical keywords that drive targeted search traffic to company Web sites. Which begs the question: why don't marketing departments embrace employee brands as part of their search strategy?
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