• Is Google A Media Company?
    Google doesn't think that it is a media company. That was reaffirmed this past weekend by Marissa Mayer, Google's head of products, at a media futures event in Scotland. According to news reports, Mayer went to great lengths to make the point, stating that "Google is a technology company, not a media company."
  • The Agency Of The Future--Or, Now What?
    So you figured out search. You launched an affiliate program. You commissioned some amazing display units to run in banners, skyscrapers and L-Rec's. You built a profile page on MySpace. You did a partnership with one of the portals, and your Web site was featured in a movie. You may have even partnered with a mobile provider. So now what?
  • Dos and Don'ts For The Cold-Calling Sales Rep
    There are cold calls that have gone well for sales reps ringing my office, and ones that have been utter disasters. If you're dialing a phone looking for some ad revenue, here are some tips that might help you get a bit closer to your goal.
  • We (Finally) Have A Seat At The Table
    Remember a few years ago? A typical day-in-the-life was assembling Powerpoint decks to justify why our prospects should advertise online. Luckily, those days are over. Now I spend my time (per prospects' request) illustrating the most effective ways to advertise online.
  • Mom's Best Friend: Discussion Boards
    As a researcher, I've always been aware of how big CGM is for moms. But it really hit home when my wife, Laura, became pregnant with our first child six months ago. She was kind enough to share some personal insights on what drives moms to online communities.
  • Bringing Political Dollars Online
    Everybody is wondering what role the Internet and online advertising might play in the upcoming elections. While there are certainly some good indicators, one of the things that I've learned is that we as an industry have some significant challenges if we hope to divert a significant amount of the spend into online advertising dollars.
  • The New Authenticity
    The Internet used to be the wild, wild West. Bumperdumper.com was the hidden bomb in the network buy--and the clients went crazy. They didn't want their brand to be associated with a product that was for going on the go....
  • 'SoaP' Fails To Clean Up At Box Office
    Well, our beloved Internet phenomenon, "Snakes on a Plane," earned a bit over $15 million on its opening weekend, barely edging out an equally silly movie where the guy who played Frank the Tank in that "Animal House" ripoff plays a race car driver.
  • News In Bits and Pieces
    Multiple times daily I see a host of news headlines. I see them through my news feeds via Google and Yahoo as well as RSS feeds I subscribe to. I also see them vertically alongside the site I use as my browser homepage, http://www.refdesk.com. Sometimes I even catch a glimpse while quickly scanning auto previews of e-mail.
  • Marketer's Confession: I'm A Happy Loser
    Marketing and media models are broken. Well, at least they're not working the way they used to. We're leaving the broadcast age and entering the age of niches and conversations. McKinsey's recent prediction lingers in my mind: that by 2010, traditional TV advertising will be one-third as effective as it was in 1990. And there's a good possibility that prediction may someday reflect overall advertising effectiveness.
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