• The Wild, Wild (OMMA) West
    For many clients, media planning is taking on a whole new definition. Now many major marketers are planning ways to use their own sites as both buy side and sell side, building out brand-immersive games, informative podcasts, proprietary video and other interactive features designed to capture and continue a one-to-one conversation with their customers.
  • Utopia--Fiber For Everyone!
    How would a gigantic fiber-optic connection to the public Internet through a local municipal provider change your world? Is it a good use of your tax dollars? Are people entitled to completely commoditized, almost free, 100 Mbps broadband connections in the same way they are entitled to clean water, police protection, sanitation, sewage? Is the Internet a privilege or a right?
  • Strange Things I Saw On The Internet
    Last week I was exposed to some very strange things on the Internet....
  • What Podcasting Is NOT
    To me, podcasting is an odd bird. I feel that way for a number of reasons, but mainly because it's been successful despite its clunky and not-very-intuitive distribution model that has many potential listeners wondering how to get on board.
  • Rewarding the Disloyal?
    Most loyalty programs suck. Don't gasp, they do. The bulk of them don't make people loyal. Well, few have been good. Take Subway's Sub Club cards. Patrons were given a free sub after purchasing eight sandwiches. Sure, it worked well for Subway--so well, the company got rid of the program.
  • All Politics Are Local...
    We hear a ton about the growing importance of local search, but not enough attention has been paid to local media online as a whole. This has been changing somewhat recently, with the sale of Knight Ridder to McClatchy and the associated examination of what McClatchy sees as valuable within its acquired assets.
  • Cuban Likes Obesity
    There aren't many of us who could call bulls__t on Preston Padden, Disney's executive vice president-government relations--at least not in front of a room full of press and politicos. However, Mark Cuban, CEO of HDNet and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, did it twice in 10 minutes at the CEA's 2006 Entertainment Policy Summit in Washington, D.C.
  • Popular Culture Heard 'Round the World--Gawker Stalker
    Last week I happened to be checking out Gawker, and I came across the Gawker Stalker page. I spent 30 minutes cruising the site and became immediately infatuated with the concept of celebrity sight-seeing around Manhattan in pseudo real-time.
  • Filling An Informational Void
    Last week, my girlfriend Lauren and I took some time away from the freezing New York weather and spent some time in the Florida sunshine. That's when I really begin to notice the failings of the mainstream media.
  • Copy This
    Are you sick of watching, setting and making bids via paid placement search? Sure there are great tools out there these days, but scoping out search work is always a struggle. Many can't believe how many hours it takes. It's tough to automate a process when bidding remains a sliding landscape.
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