• Help Wanted
    Doesn't seem like that long ago when hanging out that shingle was all it took to create a deluge of human contact. Fact is, a mere five years ago, any company in our space that had jobs to fill likely would have 100 resumes sent to it for each posting.
  • The JetBlue Truman Show
    I'm sitting on JetBlue Flight 212, the Thursday afternoon flight from Long Beach, Calif. to New York. Just a few seats away sits Diane Hamilton, an attractive 40-something woman with striking features and a 1000-yard stare. I had met Diane on the security line, when she dropped her carry-on baggage on my foot -- an excellent conversation starter. Thinking I could sound both cynical and clever at the same time, I made a semi-sarcastic remark about hoping that we would get a JetBlue plane with wheels that pointed in the right direction.
  • WWGCD - What Would the General Consumer Do?
    I don't dispute in the least that digital advertising will become the primary method of reaching out to the consumer, but sometimes we get so excited by our own ideas that we forget to see what our parents and their friends, or our peers in smaller markets, think.
  • Behavioral Targeting In-Depth
    As I write this, I'm looking forward to moderating today's panel on behavioral targeting at OMMA East. I'm anticipating diving into this topic; don't expect the intro-level course.
  • Product Placement Gains Traction
    The value of product placement in movies, TV shows, on Web sites, in music, etc. is expected to be over $225 million this year. This is no surprise, as consumers are on communications overload, with a barrage of messages flashing through all forms of media, traditional and non-.
  • KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid
    The fact is that interactive media has pushed the edges of the frontier of what is acceptable to consumers and privacy advocates. This is part of what makes interactive marketing as effective as it is. But how many of our campaigns cross the line without those of us on the buying end knowing?
  • A Tale of Two Marketers
    Hear the tale of two marketers: Quantitatus, a logical, left-brained, linear thinker who requires proof of everything he sees, and Qualitatus, a romantic, right-brained, passionate thinker who requires only a feeling to believe.
  • Three Weeks Without the Web
    My name is Cory Treffiletti and I am an Internet-aholic. I recently moved back to New York from San Francisco, and it's been three weeks since I had Internet access at home. Trust me, it ain't easy.
  • Blogs: A Better Form of Community
    What could be the next blog advertising USP? I'd argue that blogs do community better than anything that came before them. And I think that's worth something on today's media landscape.
  • E-mail: The "Duh" Factor?
    I wanted to share with you some top findings from Silverpop's 2005 Retail E-mail Marketing Study: 75% of companies studied don't use customers' names in e-mails responding to requests, while 25% failed to offer any reason to sign up to receive e-mails from the company.
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