• Lott on BET
    Trent Lott - who reportedly stepped down from his post this morning - turned out to be the greatest boon to BET since Jacque Reid. This brings up the tantalizing idea of getting other networks and websites securing exclusivities with other politicians likely to draw in crowds of supporters or rock throwers.
  • The Internet as Continuity
    During some discussions last week a concept emerged that resonated with a number of people… maybe our industry should be pitching the Internet environment as the best medium for continuity within an advertising campaign?
  • It Ain't Over, or, We Are the Future and the Future is Now!
    Well, folks, we did it. We’ve made it through another year of challenges and have survived intact, if a bit worn around the edges. But, hey, some of my most comfortable clothes are worn around the edges. Chances are that if you are reading this, you’ve made it through 2002 and you are the better for it.
  • More Planning Tools to Streamline the Process
    For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been writing about planning tools and why we need them. This week, we’ll talk about some of the products offered by Atlas DMT.
  • Venus Fly Trap Marketing
    Though what MSN is promoting in their new print campaign is certainly attractive, how some companies interpret what “retention” means in their e-commerce based practices is increasingly becoming a perception vs. reality issue.
  • AOL to Add Salt to Festering Wounds
    You thought Time Warner shot itself in the foot when it merged with AOL at the peak of its bubble valuation? Just wait. It’s about to fire again, this time quite a bit higher.
  • Man Cannot Live On Databases Alone
    Let’s not distract ourselves with how to model a new medium so that it can work with old media at the expense of just what it is the new media is capable of.
  • A Toast For 2003!
    As 2003 creeps upon us and 2002 becomes nothing more than a chapter in a history book, the overwhelming feeling seems to be one of optimism for the future. The economy appears to be slightly recovering and most advertising budgets seem to be predicting solid growth. There are definite signs that the industry is poised for a rebound. Here are some of them.
  • The Process of our Business and What Lies Ahead
    I promised that I would take this week to let readers know about the tools that companies like DoubleClick, Atlas and others are bringing to the table. As it turns out, there are many companies actively developing tools for interactive media planners – so many that I may take the next couple weeks to tell you all about the tools currently available and what’s on the drawing board. Here goes.
  • Looking Back - Learning from the year 2002
    The writing I do produces a lot of learning. And it does not always get the response I expect. (Which is good). This article, my last of the year, will recap some of the things that I have learned from articles published in the first six months of 2002. Here goes.
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