• No Attachments
    One night last week, I sat at my desk in my home office loading CDs into my computer. The CDs came out of a long-neglected cardboard box. After the music from each disc went into the computer, the actual CD went into the trash.
  • Do You Really Know The Company You Keep?
    The Federal Trade Commission, stepping up to protect the Internet as a result of a recent settlement with operators of several porn sites, has issued new affiliate-monitoring requirements. This should be a heads-up for all sites--not just those with porn.
  • Sociable Is Sociable, In Any Medium
    I disagree with a new Pew Internet & American Life Project study that says the Internet fits "seamlessly" with Americans' in-person and phone encounters, supplementing, rather than replacing, the communication people have with others in their network.
  • Sirius Pirates
    To listen to Howard Stern's new radio show on Sirius Satellite Radio, you need a satellite radio receiver and a paid subscription to the service--or do you? The show is being rebroadcast (albeit slightly delayed) on a bunch of "pirate" radio stations.
  • Let's Not Mess This Up!
    If you read the analysts' predictions, this is going to be a big year for online advertising. Of course, we've been through this before, so I felt it might be prudent to point out some of the fundamental issues that we're going to need to address if we're to be successful in this crucial period of continued growth.
  • Don't Turn Off The Microphone
    By shutting down one of its blogs, The Washington Post sets a pretty terrific example of what a mainstream media company shouldn't do when trying to leverage community.
  • Making The Grade To C-levels
    I remember a pitch we had a few years ago. Without getting too detailed, the brand was geared toward C-level executives. To our dismay, these execs seemed to have a learning curve when it came to the online world. Today, according to a new study, C-level execs now flock to the Net.
  • Major Challenges For The Google Brand?
    Whether it's true or not that Google's engine produces better results, Google had to convince users that its results were better. How it pulled that one off is the juicy stuff, for my money.
  • Television Makes Pretty Good Television
    For now (and the foreseeable future), television is going to the best place to watch television. Any prime-time show attempting exclusive Internet distribution would "crash" the Internet. It just was not built to efficiently distribute 10 million high bandwidth streams simultaneously from a single source.
  • User-Generated Content Is A Viable Ad Medium
    I consistently hear advertisers state they're wary of supporting user-generated video content for fear that they cannot control the context of where their ads may be shown--and to this fear, I respond that the lesson has been learned and the model has already been proven.
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