• Things I Think But Dare Not Say
    Every once in a while it seeps out from a place I thought I'd never have to go back to. A place filled with disconcerting regression dancing on the tongues of many. Unable to divulge its new origination or the lips it came from, I sit and ponder. I think about what I'd say if I didn't have to bite my tongue. Whoa, what a mouthful it is.
  • Struggling Publishers - Leave the Oxygen-Breathers to Traditional Media
    The warning signs seem to be all around us. AOL has evidently decided that its magazine content is better at generating loyalty among AOL members and magazine subscribers than it is at generating web advertising revenue. To the casual observer, it's obvious that the "free ride" brought about by the Internet land grab is now coming to an end. Or is it?
  • Marketing Logistics Revisited
    Two short years ago (seems like light years) I wrote an article for MediaDailyNews regarding marketing logistics and how we get our business and marketing terminology from warfare. The nightly news has definitely brought this back to mind.
  • Internet On the Front Lines
    As a worrywart news junkie, I continue to follow the activities in Iraq and the surrounding region with rabid interest. I've got CNN on the TV, NPR streaming through my computer, and I am reading newspaper web sites from all over the world. My hunt for varying news sources has gotten obsessive. I'm like Gollum looking for his Precious.
  • Business as Usual?
    Is it possible that this conflict will not affect our world much from day to day? Don't count on it.
  • Hoops, Flicks, War and Sound Bytes
    Wow, what a week it's been. Normally, there is so much floating around our industry sites, message boards, and email that it seems us buyers and sellers eat, sleep, and breathe a good debate. However, last week seemed to have been turned on its head a bit. There is no eloquent way to say it: Being prepared was weird.
  • Lessons Learned from Open Source
    So we're not far from the average citizen of the United States being able to launch and maintain a website with little trouble and little technical knowledge. And what happens when we get to that point? The marketplace of ideas explodes with fresh information sources. And that's a good thing.
  • Friday Musings
    I find myself in a quandary. Every Thursday, I write about a topic of note, or just something that is bugging me for Online Spin. Yet this is not a normal Thursday. I feel attention challenged.
  • The Evolution Will Be Televised
    By the time you read this, there’s a good chance that we will be at War with Iraq. As I write this on Monday night, a couple of hours after the Bush proclamation that Saddam Hussein has 48 hrs to leave Iraq or face military action, I find myself wondering how the world will witness the evolution of the Middle East.
  • Are We Hot or Not?
    In spite of my sincerest hopes, it looks as though war with Iraq is now imminent. What this is going to mean in terms of a cost of lives and impact on the economy is difficult to discern, one thing is becoming evident. It looks like the ad industry, specifically the online advertising industry, is picking up.
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