• Getting Next To Adjacency
    This week the news has been filled with indignation from the buy side, and low-key defensiveness from the sell side regarding an issue we all know well: adjacency. The apparent outrage by advertisers is puzzling, though. What? You didn't know? Nobody saw this coming? Or was it FOFO: Fear of Finding Out? Maybe it was simply that there is a new kind of bad thing: hate speech. Maybe brands, under pressure, just need to lop off the low-yield contexts, and this is just a good excuse. Maybe the romance of the open Web is withering under fire from fraudsters and ...
  • I Mean, The Death Of Proper Storytelling Is Upon Us
    Storytelling requires thought. When you're thinking of the next thing to say, you tend to try and fill that void. I mean... this is where, ya know, you tend to fill in, ya know, with useless words that bring no value, ya know, and serve to do nothing more than distract the listener, right?
  • Searching For Leadership
    I was planning on writing a very erudite column on how our consumption of news has drastically changed, when I decided to do a research check on Google Trends and found something interesting. It should come as no surprise to learn that Donald Trump is dominating news searches on Google. What was surprising: the number-one audience with an appetite for "Trumpie Tidbits" is Canadians. That's right, my fellow countrymen can't get enough of the guy.
  • Agency Compensation: Toward A Deliverables-Driven Project Model
    All agencies and most marketers still tend to think in terms of long-range client-agency relationships. But I think it might be time to throw that "Mad Men"-era thinking overboard and completely rethink the client-agency compensation model. What clients want today is a list of stuff that doesn't really fit into a singular comp model anymore. So why not group it differently, and charge differently, too?
  • The Colonization Of Mars
    Yesterday humanity marked a glorious milestone: SpaceX successfully relaunched and re-landed a Falcon 9 -- the first time in history a rocket has been reused. SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk's projection is that reusable rockets could bring the cost of space travel down 100x. But the implications are way bigger than making it cheaper for communications companies to fling satellites into low earth orbit. We've just gotten a step closer to becoming a multiplanetary species.
  • Brands Don't Care About Tech, They Care About Customers
    I read a lot of industry trades to make sure I know what's going on, and I talk to a lot of people who are tech marketers. These folks love to talk in terms of speeds, feeds and tech specs and brag about the vast quantities of data that are being processed at any single moment. Tech marketing is flooded with messages that are tech-focused, but marketers really don't care about tech. They care about customers. Marketers want to trust that your platform can do what's it's supposed to do, enabling them to generate results quickly or more efficiently. Your ...
  • Want To Be Innovative? Immerse Yourself
    In a great post earlier this year, VC Pascal Bouvier (along with Aldo de Jong and Harry Wilson) deconstructed the idea that starts-ups always equate to successful innovation. Before you jump on the lean start-up bandwagon, realize the success rate of a start-up taking ideas to market is about 0.2%.
  • The Digital Advertising Upside-Down: What Was Great Is Now Deemed Terrible
    How quickly the world can change. Last week I wrote about the fact that U.K. advertisers seemed to move a lot more proactively than U.S. advertisers on addressing YouTubegate. When the U.K. arm of the Havas agency network and the whole of the UK government joined that group, U.S. advertisers started to take note, and started pulling ads, too. That combined U.S./U.K. group has now become so large that industry bellwether and investment adviser Brian Wieser from Pivotal has now downgraded his recommended position on Google from "buy" to "hold." But why did it take this long before something was ...
  • Who Will Control Future Of Marketing When It Becomes Digital And Data-Driven?
    Software has been transforming and disrupting advertising for decades, certainly ever since our industry's technology pioneers like media legend and longtime Group M leader Irwin Gotlieb began writing software to automate media planning and buying in the 1960s. However, for anyone who thought that advertising's path to a digitized and data-driven future would be a predictable and straight line, it has certainly not met those expectations, particularly in light of the industry's recent tumult around measurement, environment and control of ad tech.
  • Two Sides Of A Marketer's Coin
    There are two sides to every coin, and a coin can't exist without both sides. The same can be said for marketing: You need a great product and a great story, and you can't succeed with only one of those elements in place.
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