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Wednesday, May 9, 2012
  • FTC, Myspace Settle Privacy Complaint About 'Leaked' Names

    Myspace has agreed to develop a comprehensive privacy program to settle charges that it violated its privacy policy by leaking users' personal information to ... Read the whole story

  • Google, Microsoft Develop Separate Video Technology

    Google has developed a technique that mimics professional camera movement and applied it to videos recorded by handheld devices, such as smartphones. While professionals ... Read the whole story

  • Reports: Google To Invest In Machinima, Other YouTube Content Partners

    During its Digital Content NewFront presentation last week, Google said it would spend $100 million helping original video content producers set up channels on ... Read the whole story

  • Dear SEOs: Google Owes You Nothing

    I have to admit it - yesterday's column by Ryan DeShazer got my dander up a little bit. Just the headline -- "Doesn't Google ... Read the whole story