Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for July 2013
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, July 31, 2013
Datorama Closes Funding, Will Enhance Cross-Channel Attribution
Search Dayparting Strategy Becomes Part Of How Facebook Augments TV Advertising
How Much Would Brands Pay For individual Customer Data?
Data Finally Migrating Into Other Media
RESS For The Weary: Refreshing Your Marketing Strategy For Multi-Screen Engagement
Meltwater, AP Settle Differences, Form Partnership
Chromecast's Less-Is-More Mobile-to-TV Connection Could Be Brilliant
IgnitionOne Appoints John Ragals COO, Pushes Tech Efforts
Facebook's Reach Rivals TV, Social Net To Launch Video Ads
Yahoo Japan Gives Store Discounts For Searches
Chromecast Catches On With Video Networks
Mossberg Likes Chromecast
Five Ways Multi-Location Businesses Can Prepare For Facebook Graph Search
Why Costs Per Click On Brand Terms Continue To Rise On Google
I Know Something You Don't
Lenovo's Rise To The Top
How To Turn Short-Form Video Into Content
Industry Reshaped By Digital
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, July 30, 2013
Google Glass Explores How Tech Can Translate Into Movies, Advertising
Taking Search Marketing Further? A Look At Remarketing
Bing Maps Heats Up Visual Location Data
Yahoo, NBC Team To Develop Sports Shows Cross-Platform
The Mobile Influence on Back to School Shopping
Mobile Continues To Expand Digital Audiences
The Gen X CMO, Smarter Search And Smarter Content
Deloitte: For BTS, Internet Dethrones TV
Don't Fall Into The Search Best Practice Approach
Online Video Sharing Platforms Are Marketing Gold
Facebook Unveils Promo Effort For Mobile Games
Discovery Uses Social Media To Promote Shark Week
Email is Not Going Anywhere
LinkedIn Extends Sponsored Updates To All Advertisers
Yahoo Japan Gives Store Discounts For Searches
How To Optimize Search Engine Crawls With Server Log Data
How To Turn Content Into Information
How To Get More From KPIs
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, July 29, 2013
Publicis Omnicom Creates Uncertainty For Brands
Marketing Machinists
Google Secures Patent For Social Search
Moving To Search Marketing From Newspaper Editing
PulsePoint To Pay $1 Million For Safari Hack
Don't Fall Into The Search Best Practice Approach
Balancing Nofollow Guidelines
Parents Favor Major Brands Online
Why These Landing Pages Convert
Google Maps Visits Florida Beaches
What Does Real-Time Marketers Really Mean?
Consumers Are Underwhelmed By Mobile Email
Getting Real With RTB: 23% Of Advertising Now Using It
Google Chromecast First Impressions: Not Ready For Prime-Time Player
Google Tinkers With AdWords Quality Score
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, July 26, 2013
Last-Click Attribution Model Shorts Content Creators
FTC Lawsuits Could Hit Search Engines This Year
Mozilla Seeks To Share Firefox Users' Info With Publishers
Facebook Leads In Follow The Leader Into Mobile
How To Produce Content Videos
Businesses Prefer Twitter To Social Media Rivals
Law School Graduate Emails Photos of His Toned Body in Search for Work
Why Consumers Do What They Do
Smartphone Shipments Up 53%, Apple iPhone Sales Rebound
Baidu Making Big Mobile Moves
Pinpointing Shoppers: Mobile Web-Based Push Messaging
Twitter Will Come To Resemble TV
Why It's Time To Rebrand 'Augmented Reality'
Fusion Might Benefit From Pew Research
Big Differences In RTB Marketers
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, July 25, 2013
Smartphones, Tablets Become Essential Work/Home Tools
The Problem with Corporate-Org Charts
How Chromecast Will Support Cross-Channel Marketing
Critics Call Google's Chromecast Genius
YieldMetrics Rebrands To Adomic, Reflects Rising RTB Ad Spending
Is Your Web Site Working?
Google Testing Live Ecommerce Platform
DAA Mobile Privacy Rules Require Opt-In Consent For Address Books, Geolocation
What A Popular Blog Can Teach Marketers About Targeting A Male Audience
Baidu Profits Fall Short, Mobile Rises
Why The Multi-Channel Message Trumps Siloed Marketing
Yandex Q2 2013 Earnings Rise 35% YoY
Mobile Powers Facebook's Skyrocketing Revs
IAB Releases Quality Guidelines
See This? Mobile Users Twice As Likely To Share Content On Their Social Networks
PointRoll Settles 'Safari Hack' Lawsuit
How Hidden Words Influence Search Query Rank
Home Improvement Aided by Color in Search App
The First Five Seconds Make A Lasting Impression
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, July 24, 2013
Mobile Triggers Early Searches For Back-to-School Sales
Search Retargeting Brings Intent To Facebook News Feed
Everything I Still Know About Marketing I Learned From Google
A Third Of U.S. Shoppers Showroom, Buy From Online Retailers While In Stores
Study: Google Talks With More Than Half Of All N.A. Devices Daily
LinkedIn Debuts Sponsored Updates
How To Use Customer Data For Accurate Cross-Channel Targeting
China Taking Over Mobile Market
Bing Works Out Credit Card Kinks
Viewers Use Tablets, Smartphones With -- Or Instead Of -- TV Sets
How Google Carousel Could Shake Up Search Marketing
Foursquare Launches Self-Serve Platform
Gazelles At The Watering Hole: Publishers Need Mobile Success Stories
NSA Comes Up Short For Journalist's Freedom of Information Request to Search Employee Emails
Maximizing The Potential Of New Advertising Models
Shopkick Adds In-App Buying To Fight Showrooming, Amazon
Digital Deals On Par With 2012, Value Up
IgnitionOne Appoints U.K. Managing DIrector Following Buyout
Business Supply Increases Revenue By 37%
Native Offerings Approaching 90% Of Online Publishers
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, July 23, 2013
Programmatic Buying Rises, But Display Ads Decline
Is SEO Dead -- Or Decentralized?
Advertisements, Page Load Speeds Bring Diminished Customer Satisfaction
What Marketers Can Learn From The NSA Debacle
Ads Undercut Customer Internet Satisfaction
Apple's Quest To Build Map Apps
Seniors Making Their Digital Mark
Monitoring Campaigns In Less Than 10 Minutes
Google To Settle 'Data Leakage' Case For $8.5 Million
How Crowdsourcing Changes Mapping
Solid Results Forecast For Facebook In Second Quarter
Working With Multiple Languages
Topsy Adds Boolean Search Capabilities To Social Platform
Searches Prompt Action By Age 50-Plus Consumers
Yahoo Losing Media Head Mickie Rosen
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, July 22, 2013
Search Intent Signals Find Purpose In Twitter
Google's Himax Chip Investment Will Impact Online Ad Industry
Back-To-School Tips and Trends
Ad-Tracking Tool Increases Sites' CPM, Aids Brand Marketers
Google Leads, Top Web Sites Reflected In Earnings Reports
How Instagram Complements Search Campaigns
Ads In The Form Of A Question: Qriously Wants To Put 'Horrific' Mobile Ad Experiences In Jeopardy
Topsy Adds Boolean Search Capabilities To Social Platform
Stay On Top Of Google Grant Policy Changes
Why Content Should Become Search Marketers' Top Priority
Mobile Site SEO Tips
If Ad Tech Is Over, What Comes Next?
Enhanced Campaigns Costing Auto Dealers More For Mobile
Yahoo Recognized For Work-Life Balance
Yahoo Buying Back Over $1B In Shares
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, July 19, 2013
Strathcom Media Finds Bid, Budget Optimization
Google, Microsoft Look To Strengthen Enterprise Business
Apple Acquires Locationary Mapping Service
Yelp! In-App Ordering Sparks 1000+ Restaurants To Sign Up With Partner Eat24
Data Shows Struggles Of Google's Social Strategy
Streaming Audio, Video Surges In 2013
Mobile Acquisitions In China Heat Up
Lord Named CEO, AOL Networks
What If Larry Page And Steve Ballmer Met In A Bar?
Study: Commerce Department App Privacy Proposal Confuses Consumers
Google Program Will Be Mandatory For Advertisers
Google Maps Takes Virtual Walk Through Some NYC Restaurants
The Journey Between Screens: Navigating The Complex Multiscreen Environment
How Apple or Google Could Jumpstart OTT: Get an NFL Package
Learning From Social Media Fiascos
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, July 18, 2013
Adobe Launches Social Predictive Platform
How Myrtle Beach Chamber Of Commerce Plans To Generate City Revenue
Marketplace Chasm: The Divide Between Marketing & Sales
Google Generates $13B In Advertising
Google Tries Another TV Effort: Is This A Defensive Move?
Mobile Search Investments Rise With CPCs, CTRs Fall
Why Brands Need To Start Thinking More Like Publishers
eBay's EEMS Integrates Agency, Marketing Services
How To Take Responsibility for Top Search Rank
App Firm Chaotic Moon Acquires ThoughtLeadr
MediaMath Adds Ticket Search Data Through TiqIQ Partnership
The 10-Minute Paid-Search Audit
Can A Search Company Predict Stock Prices Like Ad Performance?
Brand Keyword Advertising Not As Advertised
Yahoo Makes Plans to Up Spending on Video
Retailers Delegate Most Marketing Dollars to Paid Search & Email: Forrester Report
EU To Google On Antitrust Proble: Try Harder
Mobile Targeting Sparking Ad Tech Consolidation
Bing Expands "People Autosuggest" Tool
Baidu Acquires Majority Stake In Mobile App Store
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