Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for July 2022
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, July 29, 2022
How Apple IDFAs Still Affect Advertising
Walmart Connect Evolves Partnership Program To Expand Advertiser Support
Google Working On Feature To Highlight Retail, Brand Loyalty Programs
Barking Up The Wrong Tree: YouTube Already Top Streaming Dog, So What's Left?
Hyundai CMO: Driving Demand & Human Connection
Creating Genuine Human Connections Is 'Unspoken' Secret To Marketing Success
New WOWNOW Platform Lets Advertisers Buy DOOH Billboards In Real Time
Building GSK's Social Listening Post: It's More Than 'Engagement'
Martech Maxxing: Brands Are Replacing Platforms This Year, Including Their Email Systems
Food & Lifestyle Apps On IPhone Have Highest Opt-In Rates For Ad Targeting
Roku Warns Of 'Significant Slowdown' In TV Ad Spend, But Upfront TV Deals Hit $1B
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, July 28, 2022
Durability Of SEO In Key Economic Moments
Skai: Q3 2022 Could Become Rockiest Road For Advertisers
Place Exchange Programmatic OOH Trends Show Higher Spending Patterns For Most Sectors
Instacart Explores Advertising, Partners With Designer To Reach GenZ, Millennials
ANA Finds Disconnect Over Performance Of Procurement, Especially For Media
Integral Ad Science And Anzu Partner To Measure Media Quality For In-Game Ads
Why You're Failing If You Aren't Testing Cookieless Solutions Now
1-800 Contacts Seeks To Revive Battle With Warby Parker Over Search Ads
IAB Finds Second-Half Ad Spending Better Than Planned, Full-Year Significantly Worse
It's Back-To-School Time Again: Price-Conscious Parents Are Carefully Shopping
Amazon Sees Ad Growth As Brands Target Shoppers On Prime Day
New Gmail Look Now Being Rolled Out
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, July 27, 2022
LinkedIn Goes Beyond Profiles To Launch B2B Marketing Community
Google Delays Phasing Out Cookies In Chrome Until 2024
New Google Tool Increases Programmatic Ad Cost Transparency
Google, Microsoft Report Slowest Revenue Growth In Two Years
Gamers' Acceptance Of Ads Is Mixed, But Tracking Is Deemed Dirty Pool
5 New Commandments For Product Marketing
In Social, Shorter Ads Are The Way To Go
Disney Changes Hulu's Censorship Policy For Political 'Issues' Ads
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, July 26, 2022
Amazon Prime Day May Be A Benchmark For Spending Trends And The Economy
Google Fined $34M By Russia, Claiming Abuse Of Dominant Video Hosting
Gartner: How Economic Conditions Affect Campaign Strategies, Consumer Purchases
Geopath Expands Into Audio Out-of-Home Measurement
U.S. Ad Inflation Approaching Consumer Price Hikes, Projected To Moderate Next Year
Consumers Disdain Brands That Skimp On Quality To Cut Costs
Pick A Pepper: Ryan Reynolds Spices Up 'Pretty Boring' Pitch
When A Surge In Retail Ad Spending Is A Negative Leading Indicator
Discretionary Dropoff Heading For ...Your Dog
B2B Ball Game: Brands Are Spending On Marketing, But Worry About Privacy
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, July 25, 2022
Instacart Partners With Chase To Launch Mastercard Credit Card
Roku's Vision Of Personalization And The Future Of First-Party Data
Microsoft: What Makes Its Collaboration With Roku 'So Important'
PubWise Granted Patent That Reduces Carbon Footprint, Related To Demand-Path Optimization
How Marketers Are Reassessing Their Budgets As The Economy Dips
Republican AGs Warn Google Against Curbing Links To Anti-Abortion Centers
Nielsen Launches Four-Screen Ad Deduplication For YouTube
Studies Reveal Chick-fil-A's Search Dominance, Impact Of QSR OOH Ads
How Marketers Can Help Achieve Real Business Results
Broadcasting Providence: Podcasting as a Brand Strategy
Spoiler Alert: This Year's Agency Of The Year Award Is GroupM's To Lose
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, July 22, 2022
YouTube's Creative Ecosystem Contributed $25B To U.S. GDP
Twitter Posts $270M Quarterly Loss, Citing Ad Headwinds, Musk's Troubled Takeover Deal
Christine Frohlich Joins Verisk Marketing Solutions From Experian To Head Data Governance
Lawmakers Question Oracle, Amazon And Others Over Location Data
5 Ways To Reinvent Business Travel For Sustainability
Podcast Consumption Rebounds After Q1 Dip Among Young Listeners
Social Influencers Help Brands Reach 'Unreachable' Gen Zers, Millennials
Recession Could Drive Total TV Advertising Declines Of 10% This Year, 5% Next
All-Cash Home Lender Zigzy Taps Harmelin For Media
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, July 21, 2022
TikTok Owner Spent 130% More On Lobbying In U.S. In Q2 Vs. Q1
Google Automatically Upgrades Smart Shopping To Performance Max Ahead Of Holidays
Place Exchange Expands Into Latin America To Support Thousands Of Screens
Crealytics Expands In Retail Media, Appoints Experts To Support Shift In Direction
Rio SEO And Movable Ink Partner To Deliver Hyperlocal Email, SMS Messaging
Media, Data, Engagement Units Lag Overall IPG Growth
'Clean Room' Developer InfoSum Reboots, Launches Platform Making Consumer Data More Frictionless
Few Firms Have Realized 80% Of Their CX Plans
Why DEI Initiatives Fail -- And How To Ensure They Succeed
I'll Like And Share The ANA Guidelines
Gmail Ready To Detect Intent Of Email Searches
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, July 20, 2022
Google Launches Ad-Creation Tools, Resets Improvements For Gmail, Calendar
Mentions Of Inflation In Reviews Rise At Record-High Rates On Yelp
Shaun Brown, Named Tinuiti's First EVP Of Commerce, Calls Marketing 'The New West'
CPR For Your Brand's Legacy
Consumers Shop Around
Judge Dismisses Claims That Google Spies On App Users
CTV Ad 'Attention,' 'Viewability' Gain, But Linear TV Still Leads
Smart-Speaker Ads Help Create Deeper Connections With Brands: Study
Horizon Detects Inflation-Era Consumer Segments, Divides America Into Three Economic Mindsets
Bounteous Appoints Former Merkle, McCann Executive McLaren President, North America
Revised Privacy Bill Would Outlaw Some Forms Of Ad Targeting
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, July 19, 2022
Desktop Ad-Blocking Creeps Up, PageFair Reports
Shopify Partners With YouTube, Adds Live Shopping Features To Support Content Creators
Microsoft Launches Cloud For Sovereignty
Amazon Sues Facebook Group Admins, Targets Fake Review Brokers
ANA Releases First-Ever Guidelines For Measuring Influencer Marketing
Local OTT Advertising To Hit $2B, Doubling 2020 Total
Senate Democrats Ready Net Neutrality Bill
Kombucha Pioneer Synergy Takes 'Raw' Approach To Differentiation
Consumers Resent Poor Targeting by Brands: Study
The Biases Of AI: Our Devils Are In The Data
Google Political Spam Plan Pleases No One
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, July 18, 2022
Google Changing Ranking Of Personal Data Websites Based On Privacy Concerns?
Google Updates Political Content Policy, Adds YouTube Audio Ads
Samsung Ads Creates Massive Ecosystem For Advertisers, Publishers
Banking Expert Creates Pay-Per-Use Electronic Payment Model For Online Transactions
'Healthcare is the Stinky Taxi': Can Laso Uber-ize the Doctor/Patient Transaction?
TikTok May Have Jeopardized Security, Republican Lawmakers Say
Social Proof: The Theory Of Buying
Critical Mass Creates Campaign To Highlight Euki's Sexual Health App
The Expansion Is Over: Ad Economy Recedes For First Time In 16 Months
Global Consumers Show Affinity For Inclusive Branding
Strong Correlation Between TV Viewers' Attention, Marketers' Brand Gains: Survey
Exverus Media Hires Ullah As VP Performance Media
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