Video Daily
Wednesday, August 25, 2010
  • LG Adds Humor With Jane Lynch Comedic Videos

    "We wanted the star of the videos to be someone who could deliver the message about teen behaviors in a way that was both ... Read the whole story

  • Local Targeted Ads To Support National Media Brands

    Image Space Media plans to launch a local targeting feature to its self-serve advertiser platform, AdStart, later this week. It lets marketers create and ... Read the whole story

  • Tremor Media Announces HTML5 Support

    Tremor will launch HTML5-compatible formats initially for the iPad before expanding the service to other devices including the iPhone and Android-based mobile phones by ... Read the whole story

  • Scale Vs. Sizzle: The Online Ad Sales Conundrum

    Online advertising is suffering from a fundamental flaw in its sales process. Put simply, products with sizzle sell but rarely scale. So what do ... Read the whole story

  • Upload It And They Will Come

    For television historians, it used to be that the only way to view long-gone television shows was to venture to university libraries, the Museum ... Read the whole story

  • Plugged In: Young Men Impact Entertainment Decisions

    From the home to Hollywood, the influence of 18-34 guys, according to a new report, is pronounced. Nearly three in five -- 58.5% -- ... Read the whole story