• Is Libra A Diversification From Falling Ad Growth At Facebook?
    The motivation behind Facebook launching its Libra cryptocurrency could well be to diversify from ad revenues, which were growing globally at just under 50% in 2017 but are forecast by eMarketer to dip to 17% growth by 2021.
  • Lionesses Set Another Record With 6.1m Audience For Cameroon Victory
    England's women's football team has set another record as 6.9m tuned in on Sunday evening to watch the Lionesses beat Cameron and progress to the quarter finals. Campaign reports that the next game, on Thursday at 8pm, will undoubtedly beat the 2m who tuned in to see England knocked out of the last Women's World Cup in Canada at the same stage four years ago.
  • EE Fined For Sending Marketing Messages Without Permission
    EE has been fined GBP100,000 for inadvertently sending marketing messages to customers without permission. "Mobile Marketing" reports that the ICO accepts the network thought the messages related to its service, but decided they still amounted to marketing promotions.
  • Banking Forum Warns Against Letting Facebook Control Finance With Libra
    The Swiss forum for global banking, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), has warned that governments need to act swiftly to prevent Facebook from obtaining too strong a foothold in global finance with the launch of its Libra cryptocurrency, "The Times" reports.
  • PropertyGuru Moves On From PHD To Take Media In-House
    Anyone looking for examples of online brands who have taken their media account in-house has another name to quote. According to "The Drum," PropertyGuru has ended its two year relationship with PHD and will now handle its media in-house because it believes this gives the brand great agility through relying on first party data.
  • Facebook Accepts Regulation But Insists It Cannot Cure Internet Problems Alone
    Sir Nick Clegg has accepted that Facebook, and other social media giants, need a regulator to offer oversight, but at the same time, "The Telegraph" reveals, he is also insisting that the social media giant cannot be expected to cure the internet's problems of fake news and harmful content on its own.
  • ICO Gives Ad Tech Industry Six Months To Get Its RTB House In Order
    The ICO has given the ad tech industry six months to get its house in order after it pronounced that real-time bidding raises several data privacy challenges, "Campaign" writes.
  • UK Fails To Win A Single Grand Prix Trophy At Cannes 2019
    "Campaign" is lamenting that UK awards at Cannes Lions have dropped by nearly a quarter. The site points out that the UK did not win a single Grand Prix trophy this year, compared to seven last year.
  • Facebook Denies Russia Interfered With Brexit Vote
    Sir Nick Clegg has insisted there is no evidence that Russia interfered in the Brexit referendum via Facebook, the BBC reports.
  • Are Privacy Worries Behind 20% Drop In Facebook LIkes And Shares?
    Could privacy scandals be changing attitudes to Facebook? According to "The Guardian," new research shows that in the year since the Cambridge Analytica story broke actions on Facebook, such as shares and likes, are down 20%.
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