• Children Are Stumbling Across Porn Online, BBFC Warns
    The British Board of Film Classification has published research that suggests children as young as seven are stumbling across porn online, the BBC warns. The figures show three in four parents think their children have not seen porn but, in reality, half have.
  • Keith Weed Calls For US And UK To Restore Trust In Advertising
    President of the Advertising Association and former Unilever CMO Keith Weed has used a speech at Advertising Week in New York to urge the American advertising industry to join together with UK colleagues to rebuild public trust in advertising, "Marketing Week" reports.
  • 'Anti-Vax' Movement Sees Childhood Vaccinations Level Drop In The UK
    NHS figures show "anti-vax" campaigners who use social media to persuade parents not to immunise their children have led to a drop in children being vaccinated, "The Telegraph" warns.
  • Amazon To Launch Smart Glasses With Alexa And AR
    Amazon is to launch a pair of smart glasses that will remind the public of the failed Google Glass project, "The Telegraph" writes. The glasses with offer a voice assistant and use augmented reality. Facebook is rumoured to be working on a similar project.
  • Archant Closes Down Its Printing Press
    Archant has closed its printing facility to save money it says will be invested in digital. "Press Gazette" reveals the local newspaper business will now print its titles at a subsidiary of News UK.
  • BA Issues Profit Warns After Pilot Strike Cost GBP121m
    The BA pilot strike has now only dented the public's faith in the national carrier it has prompted the airline to issue a profit warning over the industrial action which cost GBP121m, "Sky News" reports.
  • Saatchi Poaches Grey's CMO To Be Next MD
    Saatchi & Saatchi London has poached Grey London's CMO, Sarah Jenkins, to be its next managing director, according to "Campaign."
  • Sir Nick Clegg Was Behind Royal Charter Move, Cameron's Memoir Reveals
    Mediatel is pulling no punches today as it focuses on the section of David Cameron's memoir which shows the move to press regulation was forced on the former PM by Sir Nick Clegg. Under the proposals, newspapers would pay both sets of fees -- even if they won -- unless they signed up to a regulator set up by Royal Charter.
  • Clegg Says Facebook Will Not 'Referee' Politicians' Posts
    Sir Nick Clegg has said that Facebook does not want to play the role of "referee" and so will treat all content posted by politicians as "newsworthy content," the BBC reports.
  • Krow And Bigdog Merge
    Creative agencies Krow and Bigdog are to merge next month. "Campaign" reveals that the agencies, which are both owned by The Mission, will now be housed in Krow's Farringdon office and bear the Krow name.
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