Diageo OK With NFL 'Morgan' Move

Diageo was not about to let a stunt some branded as marketing magic disappear easily. The company put out a tongue-in-cheek statement Friday saying it understands the NFL's move to ban end-zone celebrations where players engage in the "Captain Morgan pose."

Diageo had offered to donate $10,000 to a fund for retired NFL players each time a player was caught on camera striking the pose after scoring a TD.

The amount, according to a Yahoo Sports report, would have increased to $25,000 in a playoff game and $100,000 in the Super Bowl.

A Philadelphia Eagles player mirrored the "Captain" in a game last week -- putting a hand on his waist, and the other on a raised leg a la the rum's mascot. Then, the NFL banned the stunt and referred to it as "ambush marketing."

The statement from the "Captain" read: "I am a man of action, a man of the moment, and I always make fun a priority. And when it comes to football, what is more fun than a touchdown?

"I believe in drinking responsibly, marketing responsibly and helping charities, too, but understand my friends at the NFL's perspective. I will continue in my quest for legendary times and ask my fans to do the same."



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