SearchIgnite Rebrands To IgnitionOne


Adapting to the transformation in the search engine marketing industry, SearchIgnite on Monday will begin operating under the company name IgnitionOne. During the past two years, the company began offering much more than paid-search management, adding attribution, display and Facebook support as well as services that combine a scoring algorithm and on-site optimization.

A new logo with three rings behind the name signifies different digital marketing functions -- media management, analytics and attribution, and on-site optimization -- from one platform in a close-loop environment. It's about "igniting" and "accelerating" digital marketing, says Will Margiloff, IgnitionOne CEO. "We know we built something that marketers desperately need," he said. "The closed-loop system influences what happens in search campaigns, what happens in display campaigns, and what happens in Facebook campaigns."

The launch integrates SearchIgnite offerings with on-site optimization and real-time audience scoring capabilities from sister company Netmining. The new company offers one dashboard -- Digital Marketing Suite -- for performance marketers. They can optimize advertising campaigns and receive advanced cross-channel attribution and analytics, as well as optimize to improve Web site conversions.

"Frequency capping systems are dead," Margiloff said. "It's now user by user. We look at what is the user score and how often should they see an ad."

Reporting to Margiloff, former SearchIgnite CEO and founder Roger Barnette becomes president of the newly formed company and former Netmining CEO Toon Vanparys became chief revenue officer. The Netmining brand will continue in the United States, focusing exclusively on display advertising.

One tag will power all of IgnitionOne's capabilities, such as centralized paid search, display and Facebook ad campaign management, display demand-side platform functions for real-time-bidding media buys, cross-channel attribution and advanced analytics dashboards, and on-site optimization transferred from Netmining.

Previously, marketers and agencies had to use several tags and log in to many dashboards. One platform enables marketers to gain efficiencies and see performance improvements as a result of using one audience scoring technology to track and optimize all marketing messaging in real-time. For example, marketers using IgnitionOne's platform can use the same behavioral score for their Web site's content optimization as they do for optimizing their display retargeting campaigns.

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