Casale Partners With Turn To Enhance Publisher Reach

Casale Media on Thursday is expected to announce a partnership with demand-side platform Turn. The union combines Turn's roster of Fortune 200 brands with Casale's network of nearly 3,000 publishers.

Amid a wave of interest (or what critics call hype) around demand-side platforms, Turn is quite popular these days. Just weeks ago, it partnered with Nexage to power real-time bidding for mobile advertising inventory through its media-buying platform.

Last month, Turn struck a similar deal with Web video ad company TubeMogul to power real-time buying of mobile video ad space for TubeMogul's PlayTime DSP.

Such partnerships help Turn expand the scope of the inventory it provides. "Having scale and access to quality inventory from partners like Casale is critical for our clients," said Bill Demas, president and CEO of Turn.

Take Snagajob, a provider of talent management solutions for hourly employers, which currently uses Casale's CasaleX exchange to help sell its ad inventory of some 250 million monthly impressions.



"Our goal at Snagajob is always to place the highest quality and best targeted advertisements on our site," said Shade Wilson, director B2B marketing at Snagajob. "The integration of Turn with CasaleX allows us to reach that goal."

Keeping publishers happy -- through better business opportunities and performance tracking abilities -- is Casale's goal. To that end, the company recently entered into exclusive ad sales partnerships with educational publisher and its sister site

The two sites presently reach a combined 2.75 million unique users, and serve more than 50 million ad impressions each month, according to Casale, citing comScore data.

Earlier this year, Casale integrated Nielsen offline data through Nielsen PRIZM Digital to offers advertisers audience segmentation for online ad targeting. The technology helps buyers and planners understand offline segments by translating them to online audiences through conversions in the same workflow system.

Eight of the top 10 U.S. online display advertisers use Casale's premium advertising network MediaNet.

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