Krispy Kreme Launches 'Hot Light' App


When the “Hot Now” sign glows at a Krispy Kreme, customers know that its Original Glazed Donuts are just coming off the line.

Now, true Krispy Kreme fanatics can use a new mobile app (compatible with iPhones and Androids) or desktop widget to know exactly when the Hot Light comes on at their favorite locations.

Created by integrated agency Barkley, the app connects the restaurant locations’ Hot Lights to the Web. Users can choose how often they would like to be alerted about the lights going on -- including by Twitter, if they prefer. In addition, they can use the tool to search for active Hot Lights nearby.

The app is “one more way we can share the one-of-a-kind Krispy Kreme experience with our fans,” says Chief Marketing Officer Dwayne Chambers.

The app can be downloaded free from or from the iTunes Store or Android Market.



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