Nielsen Strengthens Online Campaign Ratings For Ads

Nielsen has inked a deal to buttress its Online Campaign Ratings (OCR), days after AOL said it would use the data as a first-of-its-kind carrot to attract more video advertising. Under the arrangement, Nielsen will meld data from AdSafe Media on whether a particular ad ran in a “safe” environment into the OCR system.

Nielsen executive Chris Louie said the integration offers OCR upgrades in terms of both “verification” and “viewability.” Advertisers can gain insight into whether an ad ran in a “brand-safe environment,” with OCR tracking the percent of ads running on sites deemed within an advertiser's safety guidelines. The data can further yield information on the devices ads are viewed on and specifics about the content genre, such as news, entertainment, etc.

The AdSafe OCR integration looks to ensure that an ad has appeared consistent with Interactive Advertising Bureau guidelines, calling for 50% of an ad to be in view for at least one second. That requirement does not, however, apply for video ads.



Louie, who heads go-to-market strategy for Nielsen Campaign Ratings, said the AdSafe deal is the culmination of a “rigorous process of evaluating” a run of potential partners.

OCR adoption gained a boost this week when AOL said it would offer guarantees to advertisers for video ads, using TV-style data on the age and gender of an audience. OCR tracks national ads, but also garners ratings for specific markets.

The AdSafe arrangement should also play a role as Nielsen and GroupM work to launch Nielsen Cross-Platform Campaign Ratings, which will use OCR and TV measurement services to devise a system with easier-to-compare metrics on reach and frequency across the Internet and TV.

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