Regal Assets Taps Miller To Plug Gold

Dennis-Miller-AConservative commentators such as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck have been inveterate endorsers of gold as an alternative investment in what they would say is an uncertain world. Now, Dennis Miller has picked up some business from Limbaugh.

Regal Assets, a company that takes IRAs and 401(k)s and shifts them into gold and silver, dropped Limbaugh’s Fox show during a recent controversy. It has hired Miller to plug its offerings on his nationally syndicated radio show. Regal gets category exclusivity.

"I have a duty to our thousands of clients who are valued dearly, and to the Regal Assets staff, to align with the right personalities who share the same core values as Regal Assets," stated Tyler Gallagher, company CEO.



Miller’s path to conservative-leaning commentator has been a curious one, going from hosting “Saturday Night Live” weekend update in the 1980s to an HBO show to a commentator role on “Monday Night Football” to the launch of a daily Westwood One radio show in 2007.  

In March of this year, after Limbaugh referred to a Georgetown University student involved in a birth control-health care policy debate as a “slut,” Regal dropped all advertising on his radio show.

Liberal-leaning Alan Colmes is listed as a Regal Assets supporter, as is Alan Thicke.

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