Still Waiting For The Latest TV Set Technology -- While Loving My IPad

Some people are part of the 99%. I'm proud that I'm part of the 31% -- those who don't have at least one HD TV set. Crazy, you say, in this world of crisper, clearer and bigger TV screens all at decreasingly cheaper pricing?

Why jump, I say. Better to stretch the lifespan of consumer electronic devices until they cry uncle -- despite some droll remarks from my wife seeking clearer, warts and all, skin-quality reception for her "Drop Dead Diva," "The Good Wife" and "So You Think You Can Dance" programs.

Here's my reluctance: The forever-coming new technologies seem to tease the life out of me. One recent missive talked up something called "Ultra HD" from NHK in Japan, which is said to be 16 times the resolution of current HD technology.



Early on, I was tempted in different ways.  There was a new kind of TV set from Apple that -- I guessed -- could sync to everything from my iPad and iPhone to my microwave and HVAC system. Complicating matters, another news report talked about an Apple-designed set-top box.

Then there is confusion, such as reports that Apple TV may not happen after all.  Now what? Should I buy some other HD TV? Should I go back to my 16-inch black-and-white Hitachi?

I bought the first iPad about a month or two after it came out -- all with the intention of getting the maximum life out of the new tablet craze. Was I upset when the iPad 2 had video/camera capability? Yes, but I had figured some of this was coming -- and so did TV/media executives.

Scott Kurnit, founder and chairman of AdKeeper, even reminded me: "Hey, do you really think Apple didn't have the ability to put a camera in the first iPad? Of course they did."

No matter. Everyone wants something that is definitely cool at the moment. But that's not enough for me. I wait for some clearer universal, somewhat religious, consumer sign.

In the meantime, guests watching the 25-inch, 10-year-old, Sony TV in my living room ask, "Why is the picture not clear -- and the screen so small?"  I reply, "Wait, don't go. I have an iPad. We can watch HBO Go! Gather round!"


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