T-Mobile Creates RebelMaker Facebook Quiz

Anyone with a Facebook feed can figure out which Star Wars character they are, which state they should be living in or which soap opera they should be on. Inspired by the numerous quizzes that have taken the social media world by storm, T-Mobile is using the format to help consumers figure out what kind of rebel they are. 

In advance of the Samsung Galaxy S5 phone launch on its network, T-Mobile launched a Facebook quiz, #RebelMaker, which asks questions (like “You aspire to be: a. Evel Knievel, Robin Hood, surfer Anna Blanchard or Jackie Robinson”) to help consumers fit into one of four categories: The Rebel with a Cause, The Noisemaker, The Daredevil or The Game Changer. 

“We’re always looking for relevant ways to connect with our customers and we wanted to take our brand position as a rebel in the wireless industry and give it a fun, social extension,” Mary Renouf, director of social marketing for T-Mobile, tells Marketing Daily. “Truth is, everyone has some rebel in them and we want to help them find out what kind.”



The quiz is intended to reinforce T-Mobile’s “Uncarrier” positioning by noting how each rebel archetype is related to T-Mobile’s place in the wireless industry, Renouf says. The company is a Rebel With a Cause because it’s “bucking the system (in the wireless industry), listing to customers, solving their pain points and changing the nature of the industry for the better as a result.” she says. It’s a daredevil because it’s making bold moves and trying things to innovate. It’s a Game Changer because it makes those moves that forces other companies to follow suit, and it’s a Noise Maker because its proud to “call out the BS of the wireless industry.”

“We think our customers and fans will align to one of these archetypes, which ultimately means they align with us as a company and our mission,” Renouf says. 

People who take the quiz and share the results using the #RebelMaker hashtag will be entered into a sweepstakes featuring four prizes, each aligned with the rebel archetypes. Prizes include: the company’s magenta Ducati (Daredevil), a $25,000 donation to the Wounded Warrior Project (Rebel with a Cause), an expense-paid trip to see Shakira in concert (Noise Maker) and a trip to the MLB All-Star Game (Game Changer). (Winners aren’t limited to the prize that fits their rebel category, Renouf notes.)

To reinforce the promotion, T-Mobile has enlisted a number of celebrities to tweet about their rebel archetype in advance of the Galaxy S5 launch. Influences such as DJ Prostyle, Becky G, Andrew McCutchen (of the Pittsburgh Pirates), Olivia Munn, Tony Hawk and Nick Cannon have all been enlisted. 

“We wanted to build momentum leading up to the Samsung Galaxy S5 launch and have our influencer friends help build awareness about some of the great device features that are relevant to them and would be of interest to customers,” Renouf says. “Some of our influencers will also be talking about what kind of rebel they are.”

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    could have been a cool branding cross over here on their rebelmouse page!

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