Sony Internet TV To Carry 22 Viacom Nets

Sony’s new “cloud-based” Internet delivered TV service has struck a deal to carry 22 Viacom networks.

Viacom says it is the first agreement to provide its networks with an Internet-based live TV and video-on-demand service. Those networks include Comedy Central, MTV, Spike, VH1 and Nickelodeon, among others.

Philippe Dauman, president/chief executive officer of Viacom, stated: “Given our young, tech-savvy audiences, our networks are essential for any new distribution platform.”

Andrew House, group executive of network entertainment business for Sony Corp., said: “Our new cloud-based TV service will combine the live TV content people love most about cable with the dynamic experience they have come to expect from our network.”

Back in January at the Consumer Electronics Show, Sony announced a cloud-based TV service -- one that includes live television, video on demand and DVR content. Sony says it will work on 70 million Sony devices, which would include its game consoles PlayStation products, as well as smart TVs and Android devices.



At the time, Sony said the service will have an “intuitive, dynamic interface that gets to know you.” Sony has not revealed a launch date or a name for the service.

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