Fox Sees Uptick in Online Views, But Dips In Trad TV

Fox now says its nonlinear TV viewership — on, and video-on-demand after four days of its live TV airing — continues to grow when looking at an overall 30-day viewing period.

Nontraditional linear TV viewing is now 17% of all its 30-day viewing through November 2 — up from 13% a year ago.

Increasingly, TV networks have been looking at alternative pictures of their viewership health when it comes to their programming on varied digital nontraditional TV platforms.

With more traditional TV viewing — live program plus seven days of time-shifting — Fox is in fourth place among all networks for the season so far in total viewing. It has recorded Nielsen 6.2 million viewers, as well as fourth place among key 18-49 viewers with a 2.1 rating.

NBC is in first place among adults 18-49 with a 2.9, followed by CBS in second place with a 2.5; ABC at 2.4; Fox with a 2.1; and the CW at a 0.9 after 12 weeks of the 2014-2015 season. Among total viewers, CBS is averaging 11.8 million viewers, followed by NBC at 9.9 million; ABC with 8.9 million; Fox at 6.2 million, and CW with 2.3 million.



Through November 2, Fox says “Gotham” has earned 15.9 million viewers through 30 days, up over 130% from its live-program-plus-same day viewership level. Fox says on, Hulu and VOD after four days, the show averaged 3.3 million viewers through its first 30 days.

Next best result for Fox was “Family Guy” with 11.7 million viewers after 30 days; “Bones” is next at 10 million viewers.

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