Movable Ink, Olapic Partner To Bring Real-Time UGC To Email Ads

Movable Ink, an email marketing tech company, and Olapic, a marketing tech company that pulls images from social media to create sponsored ads, on Tuesday announced a partnership and platform integration.

As a result of the integration, marketers will be able to pull user-generated content, in real-time, for use in email campaigns.

“If a clothing brand was sending out a marketing email, they could integrate user-generated photos from Instagram, for example, into the campaign and have the images change in real-time at the moment of open based on the context of the recipient's device, location, time of day, weather, etc.,” a company representative explained to Real-Time Daily.

The goal here is to combine the authenticity of user-generated content with the effectiveness of real-time contextual marketing to help brands boost engagement and conversions,” the rep added.



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