Fitbit Blazes Into Super Bowl

After eating bowls full of chips, dip and other junk foods, many Super Bowl watchers are going to feel like they’re going to need a good workout the next day. Luckily for them, there’s Fitbit. 

The brand that basically started the wearable fitness craze will make its first appearance during the Super Bowl on Sunday, with a new commercial touting its new Fitbit Blaze smart watch. 

“The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event of the year and this year it happens to be taking place in our own backyard,” Tim Rosa, vice president of global marketing at Fitbit, tells Marketing Daily. “We know our target audience for Blaze — the active consumer who likes to work hard and play hard — is tuning in big time on Sunday so this is the perfect time for a Fitbit Super Bowl ad.”



The spot, which will debut during the third quarter, plays off the idea that the physical workouts we do help us during our daily lives. Set to Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ “Little Demon,” the spot begins with a man sitting on a bench in a busy train station. As he checks his watch and stands up, the scene shifts to him lifting weights in a gym, mimicking the movement of getting up. Other scenarios include a woman putting her baggage in a plane’s overhead bin (and lifting kettle bells in a gym), a man catching a package in an office (juxtaposed with him playing basketball) and a woman at a black-tie event caressing her date’s face (against her throwing a partner down in a judo contest). Onscreen text encourages people to “Get fit. In Style.”

Introduced at CES earlier this year, the Fitbit Blaze includes all the elements one might expect in a smart watch, along with onscreen workout directions, continuous heart-rate monitoring and multi-sport adjustments. 

“While the Super Bowl certainly achieves widespread viewership, we believe our target audience for Fitbit Blaze aligns more directly with the core NFL audience,” Rosa says. “Fitbit Blaze was built for active, style-conscious consumers who want a device that combines the best of fitness tracking to help them take their workouts and all day activity to the next level.”

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